Honduras no, Chavez yes?

Obama admin putting screws to Honduras:

The most recent example of the Obama-style Good Neighbor Policy was the announcement last week that visa services for Hondurans are suspended indefinitely, and that some $135 million in bilateral aid might be cut.

But these are only the public examples of its hardball tactics. Much nastier stuff is going on behind the scenes, practiced by a presidency that once promised the American people greater transparency and a less interventionist foreign policy.

And Hillary’s State Dept. (I think it’s hers) is contributing:

Prominent Hondurans, including leading members of the business community, complain that a State Department official has been pressuring them to push the interim government to accept the return of Mr. Zelaya to power.

When I asked the State Department whether it was employing such dirty tricks a spokeswoman would only say the U.S. has been “encouraging all members of civil society to support the San Jose ‘accord'”—which calls for Mr. Zelaya to be restored to power. Perhaps something was lost in the translation but threats to use U.S. power against a small, poor nation hardly qualify as encouragement,

says Anastasia O’Grady in Wall Street Journal.

It’s sickening.  A U.S. ally, a democracy, is following its constitution — the ousted Zelaya has no case — and in the process erecting a barrier to Chavez of Venezuela.  And we’re giving them grief?

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  • Margaret  On 08/31/2009 at 5:23 PM

    The American people still aren’t getting the heebie-geebies from watching the Obama friendships with Castro and Chavez? How dull are most of his supporters?

    Columbia and Honduras are trying to maintain democratic institutions and are being bullied by us and the OAS.

    Sickening indeed.


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