Chicago Tribune watchdog given once-over: kill the lobbyists

Wiser if not better self warns me: Do not read Chi Trib’s page one hard copy stories carefully, take in the heads and let it to.  Let it go, you fool, you have church to go to and kind, wonderful thoughts to think.  It’s 7:30 on a Sunday morning!  Let it go!

Oh come on, I tell the wiser if not better self, just this one look, this one shot at analysis why the lede sucks, the head is tendentious and meant to soothe the fevered left, no more, I swear, I swear, I swear . . .

WASHINGTON – David Nexon had a big problem. [Look, I hear once more about David Nexon and his problems, I will scream.] An early version of national health care legislation contained a $40 billion tax aimed squarely at members of the medical device trade association he represents. [Wow.  Medical device trade assciation?  Wow.]

The head:

How health lobbyists influenced reform bill: Ex-lawmakers, ex-staffers push industry agenda

OK. This is more like it.  We hate lobbyists, so the story has our attention.  I don’t hate them, I try to put myself into the supposed left-wing reader whom Chi Trib editors and college-educated reporters etc. assume are out there.  I mean, who knows free-market people anyhow?  Hey, Pauline Kael didn’t know anyone who did not vote for McGovern in ‘72 and couldn’t figure out how Nixon won.

Thank you, Andrew Zajac, of new, improved Tribune Newspapers, and thank your tenured-radical college teachers for doing so much to program you.

But another story idea:

Suggested head: How big government spawns hated lobbyists.  Capitalists use legislative moxy and muscle to defend private property against punitive taxation, regulation.

Suggested lede: Senator Claghorne (D.-Chicago) had a problem.  The latest flood of rules and regs had not flushed out enough high-priced lobbyists who might help his war chest along for the coming campaign.

O.K.  Done with Sunday Trib, off to church, conscience relatively clear (never completely), waiting to hear from God what my next move should be.  Thanks for listening . . .

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