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Mike Quigley among the seniors

Astute Reader attended a Seniors Club luncheon at a northwest side parish where Democrat Congressman Mike Quigley was the unannounced speaker, talking up Obamacare.  She missed his introduction, but what she heard was “revolting.”

* 55,000 thousand nuns supported it.  Nothing about the bishops.

* Insurance and drug companies supported the Republicans and lied to scare “you.” 

* There will be no such thing as $500 billion in cuts to Medicare.

* Look how terrific social security is, and Medicare, and the Republicans opposed it for years, even Ronald Reagan.

“Most disgusting of all, he said change is “difficult,” condescending crapola that Michelle Obama also likes to peddle.
The progressives are softening us up for some re-education programs. It’s their idea of “the Future.”

Q. ended saying he is soon off to Cuba to learn how to make things here as good as possible for “us.”  (Ah.  Learning from the experts.)
But seniors are a tough sell.  The luncheon organizers took a survey at check-in and advised Q. that seventy-plus percent opposed the health bill. His answer?  It’s too late, it passed, get used to it.

(Shut up and do what you’re told.)

Mike Quigley among the seniors

Astute Reader J from the NW Side:

Attended a Seniors Club luncheon . . . at a Northwest Side parish where [Rep.] Mike Quigley [D.-IL] was the unannounced [italics added] speaker. [I liken it to a black alderman requiring time in a Baptist pulpit.]

I was two minutes late into his talk, and missed his introduction, but what I heard was revolting:

[F]ifty-five thousand nuns supported the health care bill (nothing about the USCB); insurance and drug companies supported the Republicans and they have lied and lied in order to scare “you”; there will be no such thing as 500 billion dollars in cuts to medicare; look how terrific social security is, and medicare, and the Republicans opposed it for years, even Ronald Reagan, who later said he wouldn’t touch medicare.
“Most disgusting of all,”
he said “Change is difficult.” Michelle Obama likes to peddle this condescending crapola, too.
The progressives appear to be softening us up for some re-education programs. Come to think of it, that is their idea of “the Future.”
Mr. Q. ended by saying he is soon off to Cuba to learn how to make things here as good as possible for “us.”
Say what?  We know El Fidel like Obamacare, but this?
Because I was late, and a guest, I didn’t ask any questions of the congressman. I just glared across the table at his fawning assistant with a camera. I did not applaud.
Well, you do what you can do.
These seniors are tough in their own way. [The luncheon organizers] took a survey of guests at check-in and advised Mr. Q. that seventy-plus percent opposed the health bill. His answer was, it’s too late, it passed, get used to it.
Hey, those guys believe in winning.  It’s their life work.

How does one plug a hole?

The beauty of the Internet and blogging, as opposed to real writing, is you can pluck out of the ether something like this and send it off for others to have the dirty laugh you just had.

It’s a comment on the report in The Hill of Big O. telling his helpers, “Plug the damn hole!”  I mean this:

Send BIG SIS down there and let her Fat Ass sit on it till they fix it and send some illegals with her to help!!BY BIGDOG on 05/25/2010 at 12:18
Thank you, Bigdog, for being so gosh darn funny.

Is the pope Catholic?

Lifted from Newsalert:

The Chicago Sun-Times reports on Obama friend Eric Whitaker:

Based on a recommendation from Obama, former Gov. Rod Blagojevich hired Whitaker to be the state’s director of Public Health in 2003. Like other major state posts in those days, it was screened by Tony Rezko, who has since been convicted of influence-peddling.

A federal grand jury is investigating the department’s funding of several faith-based initiatives that Whitaker helped start, though, as Whitaker emphasized today, “The organizations the subpoenas were about — they received funding in the last month of my tenure at the Illinois Department of Public Health.

There’s more:

Is sending government money to pastors to talk about chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension good public policy? Whitaker said “yes.”

Who’s says Democrats are for separation of church and state?

Not I.  Do we expect churchly influence to be ignored by political movers and shakers?

I recall the Baptist pastor I interviewed in the 70s on Chicago’s South Side.  He had just run a two-hour service for a devoted congregation.  We talked in his office, among other things about office-seekers wanting to use his pulpit.  He did not surrender it to them, and so did not have his sidewalk repaired.

Separation?  You kidding?

Rand Paul and Rachel Maddow

Here’s an excellent case of media fudging because they can’t resist making a point even if it’s not there to make.

It’s Rand Paul with Rachel Maddow, saying “uh-yeh” as an apparently meaningless vocalization after he and Maddow had been briefly talking over each other. 

But the transcript sent out by MSNBC-Maddow has Paul saying “Yes” to her question whether a private business had the right not to serve blacks.  NYTimes and many other outlets skipped the tape and went with the misleading transcript.  Here you have libs making news fit to print, that is, to fit their template.

Get not a story, but the story, I remember Mike Royko saying a long time ago.  I was new in the business but got the point, which is crucial to credibility.

This rebuttal is on Maddow’s network, by the way.

Writing to live

These guys keep on truckin’:

For a loyal coterie of workers at Phillips Family Hospitality in Dorchester, staying employed means staying healthy, active — and alive.

“It’s what keeps me going, you know?’’ said Tony Piccuito, 91, as he unloaded trays of water and other beverages from the trunk of the Ford Taurus he drives to work daily from Weymouth. Piccuito, the energetic owner of a sharp sense of humor and a tendency to ignore doctor’s orders to ease up, pushed stacks of bottles in a cart taller than his stocky frame. “You keep working and you forget about how you feel.’’

I have never said I’m retired.  A friend referred to me some years back as semi-retired, and when pushed, that’s what I say.  Most ask me, “Are you still writing?” and accept that I will never stop. 

Doesn’t mean I don’t get sidetracked.  Internet is wonderful, but it can eat up your time too.  Just the other day, I realized I have to get to work on one of the many books I have in mind — the one nearest completion.

It’s important to stay busy, but more important to stay focused.

Bishops bolt alleged civil rights group

Catholic bishops get religion:

“The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights regrets the decision by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) to discontinue its membership in The Leadership Conference. The USCCB has been an important and valued member of The Leadership Conference for many years, and we have – and will continue to have – many shared goals.

From the peanut gallery:

Progressive Catholics responded on Thursday by accusing the bishops of being “completely beholden to the extreme conservative wing of Catholicism.”

“In recent months, (the bishops) have shown that it is more important to them that they placate the demands of a few loud conservatives than to promote civility, human rights and social justice,” said Jon O’Brien, president of Catholics for Choice.

What the bishops said:

The bishops withdrew from LCCR after the coalition took one more position in opposition to USCCB policy, this time taking a stand on a Supreme Court nominee. Bishop William Murphy of Rockville Centre NY, chairman of the USCCB Committee on Domestic Justice and Peace, announced the withdrawal May 19.

It’s overdue, says Deal Hudson, who broke the news of the Kagan endorsement:

. . . the Kagan endorsement wasn’t the first pro-abortion activity the coalition has promoted.

[Deal Hudson] wrote: “For many years, LCCHR has lobbied hard against the confirmation of pro-life judges and justices. In the midst of the debate of pro-abortion nominee Dawn Johnsen, [Deputy Director] Nancy Zirkin asserted that civil-rights groups are upset that Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) hasn’t made the abortion advocate a higher priority. ‘There’s frustration she’s not at the top of the list,’ Zirkin said.”

“The avid support for Elena Kagan, whose support for abortion “rights” has been widely documented, must be regarded as the final straw, a clear signal that the USCCB needs to withdraw from membership in the Leadership Conference for Civil and Human Rights,” Hudson concluded.

Now if the bishops could get a handle on illegal immigration . . .

Catholic and good? Really?

WSJ’s Daniel Henninger asks, “How about a good Catholic story?”

Heywood H. Broun on appeasement

Here’s a good one from Canada-based Liberty quotes:

“Appeasers believe that if you keep on throwing steaks to a tiger, the tiger will turn vegetarian.”
— Heywood Hale Broun (1918-2001) American sportswriter, commentator, and actor

H.H. Broun is a hero of U.S. newspaper unionism, led formation of The American Newspaper Guild — later renamed The Newspaper Guild (I’m not sure why), which gives an award named after him.

He might be saying this in re: Iranian mullahs or N. Korea these days, where hope and change reigns.

Dems lost in PA?

One good reason, please, for preferring to see the glass half full in Pennsylvania:

Mark Critz is a “Rush Limbaugh Democrat” who campaigned against almost everything Obama and Murtha support. 
No SEIU line for him?
. . . [H]e was more conservative than the McCain campaign of 2008 and was more apt to criticize Obama than is, say, Lindsay Graham. 
Hmmm.  To get elected he did that?
This was hardly a race that can be celebrated by the Democrat leadership today.   Critz is the type of Democrat that Nancy Pelosi was hoping to lose in November.
Good.  An anti-Pelosi congressman?  Replacing one of her faves?  My glass runneth not over, but it’s half full!
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