Mike Quigley among the seniors

Astute Reader J from the NW Side:

Attended a Seniors Club luncheon . . . at a Northwest Side parish where [Rep.] Mike Quigley [D.-IL] was the unannounced [italics added] speaker. [I liken it to a black alderman requiring time in a Baptist pulpit.]

I was two minutes late into his talk, and missed his introduction, but what I heard was revolting:

[F]ifty-five thousand nuns supported the health care bill (nothing about the USCB); insurance and drug companies supported the Republicans and they have lied and lied in order to scare “you”; there will be no such thing as 500 billion dollars in cuts to medicare; look how terrific social security is, and medicare, and the Republicans opposed it for years, even Ronald Reagan, who later said he wouldn’t touch medicare.
“Most disgusting of all,”
he said “Change is difficult.” Michelle Obama likes to peddle this condescending crapola, too.
The progressives appear to be softening us up for some re-education programs. Come to think of it, that is their idea of “the Future.”
Mr. Q. ended by saying he is soon off to Cuba to learn how to make things here as good as possible for “us.”
Say what?  We know El Fidel like Obamacare, but this?
Because I was late, and a guest, I didn’t ask any questions of the congressman. I just glared across the table at his fawning assistant with a camera. I did not applaud.
Well, you do what you can do.
These seniors are tough in their own way. [The luncheon organizers] took a survey of guests at check-in and advised Mr. Q. that seventy-plus percent opposed the health bill. His answer was, it’s too late, it passed, get used to it.
Hey, those guys believe in winning.  It’s their life work.

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