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Manny joins ChiSox

Manny Ramirez in the Dodger Dugout

Here's da man

The barber was ready.

Meanwhile, Sox Savvy is worried.

We all know that Manny Ramirez brings a lot of baggage to the White Sox. Here are some potential ugly scenarios I’m most worried about seeing:

— Hawk Harrelson shows his support by sporting dreadlocks.

— Teeny-weeny Juan Pierre plays a practical joke by hiding in Manny’s ridiculously baggy pants, but it goes horribly wrong when Manny slides into second base.

And more more more where that’s coming from.  Go there, by all means.


It’s in The Book

Left-wingers beware. God knows what you are thinking, and see what He thinks of it.

Voices of the White Sox owner

Nailing Darrin Jackson:

HOW COULD YOU FORGET THE NUMBAH TWO? During Chicagos WSCR 670 AM broadcast of Fridays Yankees-White Sox game, announcer Darrin Jackson mentioned how the Yankees continue to use a recording by the late Bob Sheppard introducing Derek Jeter as he walks up to the plate at Yankee Stadium. Listeners were then treated to an awful impression of the legendary former Yankees PA announcer.

Jackson, in a stereotypical New York accent, said word for word, Now batting for the Yankees, Derek Jeter.

Of course, not only did Jackson sound nothing like Sheppard, any Yankees fan would mention that Jackson left out perhaps the most noticeable aspect of Sheppards introductions saying a players number before saying the name, and then repeating the number afterwards.

Jackson and Farmer are in the execrable category among announcers, both ex-ballplayers whose favorite topic is themselves. Sick of Hawk H. on tee-vee, where to go? W-scram is not a good option.

Oiko is coming, oiko is coming

Right up front is this from Taranto:

“In other Washington rally news,” observes humorist Jim Treacher of The Daily Caller, “Al Sharpton has gone from the Million Man March to the Dozen Dude Dud.”

The Beck event, on the other hand, was an antidote to our current governance “by an oikophobic self-anointed elite that is unable to hide its contempt for Americans qua Americans.”

Thing about Taranto, you not only get pungent well-aimed commentary, you also learn new words! If an oiko spooks you, try Beck.

Pants-on-fire extinguisher, quick!

A shop window advertising payday loans.

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Those Madigans can’t keep track of their in-laws, darn it.

[Ill. Atty. Genl.] Lisa Madigan says she was unaware of her brother-in-law’s [lobbyist] role, according to a spokeswoman. “The attorney general didn’t know that Jordan worked for Veritec, and she did not know that her office was in contact with him about the payday loan bill [from which
Veritec profits greatly],” Robyn Ziegler said.

[Her father, State Rep.] Michael Madigan “doesn’t recall talking to Jordan about this bill,” says Steve Brown, the [Ill. House] speaker’s spokesman, adding, “Jordan wasn’t his son-in-law” yet when the speaker voted for the bill.

No wonder. They are consumed by their zeal for public service.

Bad schools for a reason, says U. of Illinois prof

It’s the students, stupid! (It’s the stupid students?)

The new book by sometime contributor Robert Weissberg, Bad Students, Not Bad Schools, has become even timelier following the recent popping of the test score bubble in New York City public schools.

Weissberg, a professor of political science emeritus at the U. of Illinois, wittily surveys in his conversational prose style a half century of educational research. He debunks the fluff that comprises most of this fad-driven field, while highlighting the replicable social science whose lessons go ignored.

Weissberg’s conclusion: the quality of students‘ intelligence and motivation is by far the most important factor in whether a school is bad or good.


U. of I., eh? What do you know?

White as charged

It makes a body feel overwhelmingly put-upon, where Instapundit links to this .

That’s all?

Gene Kennedy outdoes himself with this paean to

. . . the mystical energy of the church as the Sacramentum Mundi, the mystical mirror in which the beleaguered world can see a reflection of its profound longings and strivings.  . . . . [sacraments as] static objects to be regulated rather than living symbols to be celebrated . . . . [Vatican regulators ignore] sacramental depths but are endlessly preoccupied with their surfaces . . . . [Eucharist (the mass) is] a Mystery that symbolizes the life-death-resurrection rhythm of human existence . . .

Etc.  What was it Flannery O’Connor said to Mary McCarthy on the mass as a symbol?  O’Connor wrote about it later to a friend:

“. . . toward morning [during a Manhattan literary soiree] the conversation turned on the Eucharist, which I, being the Catholic, was obviously supposed to defend. [Mary McCarthy] said when she was a child and received the Host, she thought of it as the Holy Ghost, He being the ‘most portable’ person of the Trinity; now she thought of it as a symbol and implied that it was a pretty good one. I then said, in a very shaky voice, ‘Well, if it’s a symbol, to hell with it.’

Later, on reflection:

“That was all the defense I was capable of but I realize now that this is all I will ever be able to say about it, outside of a story, except that it is the center of existence for me; all the rest of life is expendable.”

That said, what the hell is Kennedy talking about?

Later:  Reader:

My pastor has so many personal quirks in his Mass verbiage. I can’t wait until he has to study the new Missal and get in sync. He’s still in Vatican II “improv” mode. Disgusting he can’t follow a simple “script.

Major issue here: priest as center of things, vs. altar and sacrifice, with all that conveys to a world struggling with stuff no therapy can alleviate.

Muslims with heads on shoulders

I’ve been looking for Muslims like these:

Members of the American Muslim Association of Oklahoma purchased an advertisement in the Aug. 23 edition of The Oklahoman. The ad was a public appeal to the sponsors of the [Ground
Zero Mosque] project to “be sensitive and respectful of the sentiments of U.S. citizens and move the project to a mutually agreeable site.”

This guy’s a winner

Albert Pujols at the Glenn Beck rally

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