Voices of the White Sox owner

Nailing Darrin Jackson:

HOW COULD YOU FORGET THE NUMBAH TWO? During Chicagos WSCR 670 AM broadcast of Fridays Yankees-White Sox game, announcer Darrin Jackson mentioned how the Yankees continue to use a recording by the late Bob Sheppard introducing Derek Jeter as he walks up to the plate at Yankee Stadium. Listeners were then treated to an awful impression of the legendary former Yankees PA announcer.

Jackson, in a stereotypical New York accent, said word for word, Now batting for the Yankees, Derek Jeter.

Of course, not only did Jackson sound nothing like Sheppard, any Yankees fan would mention that Jackson left out perhaps the most noticeable aspect of Sheppards introductions saying a players number before saying the name, and then repeating the number afterwards.

Jackson and Farmer are in the execrable category among announcers, both ex-ballplayers whose favorite topic is themselves. Sick of Hawk H. on tee-vee, where to go? W-scram is not a good option.

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