Newt more than a media-basher

Read this about Newt as more than what’s advertised by Romney-ites:

Tonight’s debate in Florida may be, as advertised, crucial to the outcome of the race there. But whether Speaker Gingrich knocks this one out of the park or he doesn’t, one fact stands clear. He’s survived this long against extraordinary odds and attained the challenger status he now holds not because of his nifty way of attacking the media, poor dears.

He’s here because he speaks to people in ways that assume their interest in ideas of consequence, and they know it — they can hear. And because he speaks [mostly, I’d say] in ways that reflect a respect for their intelligence, and has much to say to them. They know that, too.

This way of relating to voters is no gimmick. It’s a condition of mind and one of bottomless value on a campaign trail. [italics added]

Not that I don’t approve of media-bashing, which is needful for their reform.  Tough love, we might say.