Union-run charter school failing

So why are those people smiling?

Gotham Schools reports:

seven years into its existence, the nation’s first union-run school is one of the lowest-performing schools in the city. Fewer than a third of students are reading on grade level, and the math proficiency rate among eighth-graders is less than half the city average….

The United Federation of Teachers, which runs the school under a charter, appears pleased, though.

“I go to that school and I’m very, very happy with what we see,” UFT President Michael Mulgrew said last week. “The parents are great, the teachers are doing a good job. We are very happy.”

It’s defining success down.

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  • Nancy J. Thorner  On 10/10/2012 at 6:14 PM

    What kind of “weed” might President Michael Mulgrew be smoking! Run by the United Federation of Teachers, why should this school be doing any better than the city schools. After all, the teachers are probably drawn from the same pool of candidates, so the how and what students are taught (and the method) would not vary from what is being done in other city schools. My question: “What is a union doing running a charter school?” It is union who are culpable for the present deplorable state of education in our public schools.


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