Oak Park Chronicles

Wed. Journal on candidate-with-restaurant-with-liquor-license (Anan Al-Taleb) facing an ordinance disqualifying him:

[A] recent challenge from his opponent in the race, current Village Trustee John Hedges, about a possible conflict of interest has created some buzz.

That could be, but it is certainly true that this article created much buzz, in the shape of 39 comments, most of them dismissing the problem or offering solutions short of the candidate’s resigning if elected or divesting himself of his restaurant.

One or more comment correctly absolves the opponent, John Hedges, of raising the issue against Abu-Taleb — at the March 1 forum, the only forum so far in a campaign that is to end April 9.

Rather, the issue was raised in a question from the floor and was dealt with summarily if not satisfactorily by Anan A-T, who said (a) he had checked with lawyers who gave him an opinion he…

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