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Obama backs Fascist regime . . .

. . . in Egypt:

From a friend on the ground in Egypt… Who describes the protests as being united against Morsi in big numbers.

Obama admin propped up brotherhood . . .

. . . Muslim-style, that is, and Egyptians are not happy about it.

Egyptian protests

Banned by Facebook . . .

. . . later allowed:

Credo: SCOTUS is irrelevant

Not for attribution

A fine Catholic source gets a key word wrong:

From the Desk of Dan Burke

Executive Director of the National Catholic Register
Dear Register Family,

The Register staff has been hard at work the past 24 hours. From the continuation of the Congressional investigation of the IRS, to the growing anticipation of the HHS Mandate and yesterday’s partial-invalidation of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), our Faith is persistently being challenged.

Our beliefs. Faith is a virtue, one of the big three. The Register does not want to say our faith is tested because of a Supreme Court decision. Its content, yes, but not the believing. So make it beliefs. Please.

And while you are at it, “challenge” is too much used and much abused these days, as in calling the bad driver driving-challenged. Blah. Enough of this going with how news anchors talk coast to coast. Please.

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Hearts and headlines for same-sex marriage

Chicago Newspapers

Full court press today Sun-Times for same-sex marriage, which has become THE civil rights struggle of the century. Bias dictates coverage here.

The page-one head:

Despite national victory [at Supreme Ct] for same-sex marriage, gays in Illinois still . . .

[open quadruple-size type]


[slightly below]

Complete coverage, pages 10-13, 23 [4 pages]

Below this, sad pic of grim, sad-faced women, Jennifer and Renee, one holding the other for comfort and solidarity, dramatizing poignancy.

The whole covers the length of the front page, 3/4 its width.

It’s Sun-Times saying it hearts same-sex marriage.

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Alphabet neurosis: Mary Mitchell has a letter for it

I can’t stand what Mary M. writes, so she’s my special M-word. Protestants too. Can’t stand ’em. They’re my P-word. Quite a few Catholics too; I’m working on words for them. Shakespeare, kick in the rear, happy new year; don’t like him. He’s my S-word. Anything to satisfy my neuroses.

T-word for Tribune, except on Sundays; once a week is enough. NYT-word, of course. Complicated? Yes, but it’s not easy being neurotic. Ask Monk on TV. Years ago I heard “big C” for cancer, a word best left unused at the time. We got over that. Now we even have a society named after it.

Back to M-word (as above), who wants blacks to stop using the N-word. M-word frets about B people using the N-word while indulging her bilious resentment of that W woman, the D-woman, you know the one I mean, who “copped” (M-word’s word) to using the N-word 20 years ago, giving heavy occasion for group neurosis to vent spleen, forcing many W people to upchuck on their good suits. M-word frets and resents and that’s her idea of a fun time. Yuck!

Ed Burke a social justice issue? Like Paula Deen?

Ald. Ed Burke was in the news again, 6/1 & 6/3/13 for making money for himself where the sun don’t shine, that is, in shady places, where civic virtue fades gradually into many kinds of gray. Social justice issue? I think so.

Ed votes on the one hand for taxes, raising money for gummint, on the other hand lowers it with tax breaks for clients who pay well for the help he gives them. With one hand he giveth (to clients), with another he taketh away (from taxpayers). Blessed be Burke.

He’s the lord of the money rings, a dandy dresser — at thousands a suit and hundreds for shirt and tie, the late Tom Roeser once said on his blog site now removed.

But R. Cooley has the goods on him, it seems, in Ed’s use of the N-word. Consider Paula Deen, called out by Mary Mitchell, who should look up Ed Burke in Robert Cooley’s book When Corruption Was King: How I Helped the Mob Rule Chicago, Then Brought the Outfit Down. Mary could set the ball rolling for a Burke ouster if she ran with pages 162 and 215, where Burke condones murders of two blacks, in each case saying, “It’s only a fucking nigger.”

Long time ago, yes. About the time Paula Deen was telling her husband, apparently in private, that a “nigger” had held her up at a bank where she worked. She said that in a deposition in answer to a generic question, also that she had recounted what some blacks had said.

There may be more to her alleged insensitivity than that, but you can’t tell from Mary Mitchell’s column, which with the howler, “Paula Deen is toast. Because when one white woman alleges that another white woman is calling black folks n

Same-sex history one way or other

Supreme Court Could Make History on Same-Sex Marriage, or Not,” says igoogle head for NYT story.

Whoa there. SCOTUS makes history with every decision, doesn’t it?

How to escape federal control

Take no federal money.

(H/T Newsalert.)

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