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Snarky Mark Brown vs. a favorite target . . .

. . . Cardinal George on same-sex “marriage,” of course.

Won’t he just bend, Cardinal George, won’t he just bend . . . (hear the echoes — bend, bend, bend bend, ben-, be–, b—, [silence]) . . . .

Obama Care explained at the library, 7/29. Julie Hamos and others. Full house in Vets Room

Lisa and her father King Lear

This story about Speaker Mike’s “refusal to step down” is cited by Sun-Tmes’ Golab, McKinney, and Korecki 7/26 as why daughter Lisa decided not to go for governor.

She would ask him to do that, being a modern-day Goneril or Regan, take your pick, making Mike a modern-day King Lear. The ungratitude is appalling.

A modest proposal for Sun-Times and Catholic preachers

I would like Sun-Times and Catholic preachers to join forces. Sun-Times would go lightly on its vigorous support for gay marriage and abortion, RC preachers would go heavy on political corruption in Chicago. Would make a great combination.

Going lightly on g.m. and a. would not require editorial policy changes and would not alienate readers. RC preachers could start slowly on corruption and build up, staying with generalities and naming no names.

Look. Even to mention bribery and bribe-taking would be revolutionary. And vote-stealing? Paddy would have to bar the door.

So go for it, you two, my near-daily partners in finding and living the good life without help from Miller Hi-Life beer, though I have to admit with an occasional boost therefrom.

Catholicism lite and confusing

From recent prayer meeting, what did speaker mean by things she has been told, as following:

* “Be the song, embody the song.” She commented, It was “pretty profound for me.”

* We want to find “not a path to God but in God.”

As to the second, the path to God would be something most people can understand. “In God” needs much more explaining than she offered and was not self-explanatory or inspiring, as she implied.

Same for being a song. Called for lots of explanation not given nor supplied by hearing that it was “pretty” profound for her, apart from modifying “profound” with the diminutive “pretty,” which was pretty confusing for me.

Woman has degrees from locally approved pastoral-helper training program attended by many Chicago-area pastoral helpers. Gives us Catholicism Lite, but worse, Catholicism confusing. Sorry.

Have a listen to Richard Burton reading Gerard Manley Hopkins SJ

This Welshman gives it a haunting quality. The poem is “The Leaden Echo.”

This liberal Jesuit loves this pope

Rev. James Martin SJ pulls out the stops in thanksgiving for Pope Francis SJ.

And makes his point quite nicely.

Let us now pray that the pope’s concern for and identification with poor people is not taken as endorsement of socialistic practices. It shouldn’t be so taken. He’s too smart for that.

He’s a free man, Fr. Martin says several times. His own man, others would say. A wise man, knowing wheat from chaff. A tough guy, unbothered by mediocrities that inevitably surround the top man anywhere.

Too smart to be fooled by random acts of contempt for so-called materialism — of U.S. prosperity, for instance, of free market capitalism, which does more for poor people than any other system.

Let us pray he understands that.

Moliere dvd

Run, do not walk to yr library or wherever fine dvd’s are sold to rent or buy Moliere. Do yrself a favor. A perfect film.

Defining failures down

Our senator at the 7/17 town hall meeting:

“We have had some dramatic government failures. I don’t think anyone can argue this,” [Don] Harmon said. “With that said, there is a lot of hysteria surrounding this and a lot of artificiality to that.”

Hysteria about dramatic government failures? What next?

Lefties exposed

Allow me to give you this whole from Instapundit, the smartest blogger in the world:

FROM SEBASTIAN: The Continuing Saga of Living with the Gun. When Heidi Yewman first published her highly controversial piece in Ms. Magazine, I thought she was honestly a bit irresponsible with how she approached the topic of gun ownership. After reading her continuing drama, now published by the Daily Beast, I believe she honestly lacks the moral clarity, level headedness, and common sense required of someone being a gun owner. On this we agree. Where we disagree is that the governments job is to enforce responsibility, and that training can fix the problem for someone like her. Training will not help Heidi Yewman, she quite simply lacks the emotional makeup necessary for gun ownership. . . . One of the fundamental differences between us and the gun control advocates is that we generally trust that ordinary people will, much more often than not, do the right thing. Even Heidi Yewman, as someone who is not generally criminally irresponsible, knows what shes doing is wrong and irresponsible. She committed those wrongs to make a point. She believes the government needs to step in and restrict everyone. She would put the decision in the hands of a bureaucrat, because she assumes you and I, and most everyone else, are unable to make that call.

Lefties generally assume that everyone is as messed up and irresponsible as they are.

An interesting line of investigation, to say the least.

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