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How sloppy can the NY Times get?

Let us count the ways, including its goofy report of Verizon’s market share.

Send a kid to a Catholic or other private school, will you? Baaaaad parents . . . .

Pat Hickey says no to that.

Hillary Clinton has the solution . . .

. . . to solidify even further her standing with the radical left, which is not so far from gummint run wild on the right too.

Fascism, anyone? As in “socialism with a capitalist veneer”?

Out of the midtown bubble comes an offer . . .

. . . that’s easy to refuse (and laugh at).

Nannies, caregivers, housekeepers at League of Women Voters meeting

Attended my first League of Women Voters meeting last night, at the library. Was welcomed, encouraged to join up. Took a seat up front, 2nd row, looked about me and saw maybe 35 people, including one other man, he seated with a woman maybe his wife.

Speakers hit on domestic workers’ plight. These do scut work so other work can be done: home care to the disabled and otherwise incompetent, watching children, housekeeping. Our age of the working woman means outside the home. In come the free-lance domestic, or household, workers, to fill the gap.

They aren’t unionized and not about to be so. Not enough money involved. Union dues? Forget it. Some or many struggle to keep their own bodies and souls together while changing bed clothes and nannying and scrubbing floors for “working women,” many for $2 or more under minimum wage. Food runs out in their own households, bills are paid late, money is a constant problem. They seek protection by state law. Bills are pending.

Their stories have a Dickensian ring. It’s upstairs-downstairs Downton Abbey stuff. They need more money, vacation time and the like, what other workers have, including agency and government-paid domestic workers. None is there for them. They float above the everyday big issues.

However: Many who hire them cannot pay more. The woman from the Chicago Coalition of Household Workers, an immigrant from the Philippines who did this kind of work, sending dollars back home to support her four adopted children, spoke of “rich people” who can pay more. A woman from the audience asked, what about the non-rich who cannot?

Another woman bewailed the low wages as if demonstrating lack of concern for their own children — a you-get-what-you-pay-for situation. But the chair woman of the evening corrected her, reiterating the problem of slim finances by the hiring family and their inability to pay more. She also bemoaned as “atrocious and an abomination” that the U.S. is the world’s “only industrialized country” that does not governmentally pay for domestic workers.

The Coalition woman also bemoaned the expenditures for war around the globe — a familiar refrain which undercut her eloquent earlier description of her own experience caring for a husband and wife, he demented, she bed-ridden, on abovementioned low wages.

The inability to pay more for these workers, as mentioned above, is surely a question of our faltering economy. Like a hundred other socio-economic problems, money shortage is at its heart. A focus on specific problems like what the League members heard about last night is important. But there’s nothing like a booming economy to solve it, at least partially.

So we come back to the whole economic issue, what human nature calls for and what will work. The country — far less than Europe, as we know — is hooked on state activity, not on freedom. We look to “holy mother the state” for help, as Dorothy Day put it. Patch it up, here, there, everywhere, like many boys with fingers in dike. Instead, there is the free-market solution, an overall approach. Yes.

Here’s a shocker from the Vatican

VATICAN CITY — Few eyebrows were raised last week when Pope Francis brought the Vatican’s legal system up to date by criminalizing leaks of official information and formalizing laws against sex crimes. But now that the laws have been made public, a closer look revealed that the pope has made it illegal to report sex crimes against children.


It’s a new Onion, with gems such as “Indebted Students Hope to Repay Loans with Obama’s Empty Words” and  “Fox News Calls For End to Black Privilege.”
But the atheistic dumbbells at the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science [yes!] face page demonstrated remarkable gullibility even for atheists, taking the Pope Francis news verrrrrry seriously, posting what calls with appropriate irony a “bombshell”:
“According to the new laws, revealing or receiving confidential Vatican information is now punishable by up to two years in prison, while newly defined sex crimes against children carry a sentence of up to twelve years. Because all sex crimes are kept confidential, there is no longer a legal way for Vatican officials to report sex crimes.”
Wow. Not what I expected from people devoted to reason and science. As for the foundation’s friends and readers, the laughable post had 4,584 “likes” and was shared more than 7,804 times on Facebook. A golden moment in systematic skepticism, to be sure.

Sun-Times Natasha Korecki exposes dumb DC judge in Jesse Jr. trial . . .

. . . and sentencing. She doesn’t call the judge a nitwit. Doesn’t have to, noting that she ruled out the Blagojevich connection (whether JJJr. offered big money for the senate seat), but rather credited JJJr. for testifying vs. Blago!

Prosecutors werent allowed to bring up the Blagojevich case at Jacksons sentencing. But Jesse Jackson Jr.s lawyer, Reid Weingarten, asked for less [prison] time for his client, in part, because Jackson was a critical witness at Blagojevichs trial who was very important to Blagojevichs conviction.

She let him do that?

[He] wouldnt have gotten away with that in Chicago.

The truth is that it was Blagojevich who called the ex-congressman to the stand.

As a defense witness. [italics

And then JJJr. chief defenseman Dan Webb called JJJr’s wife Sandi, who lived with him and their kids in DC

an extraordinary alderman. Too many people [wrote Korecki] would have pounced on the fact that, in the annals of corrupt Chicago aldermen, most had a leg up on her: At least they lived here.

Even though JJSr (Reverend Milker of corporate cash cows with threats of guerilla politics by way of boycott) urged her not to live outside the city they love so much!

Dick Durbin’s witch hunt

Read it at today’s Steve Huntley column:

Dick Durbin, one of the most powerful members of the U.S. Senate, has set his sights on the American Legislative Exchange Council. The ALEC focuses on fiscal issues in state legislatures but did support stand-your-ground laws that have been adopted by many states.

Such laws have been the focus of much controversy after the Trayvon Martin case, although Floridas statue [sic] was not a factor in the trial. Durbin wrote 300 companies and organizations that donate to ALEC asking their position on the laws. Durbin tried to frame this as a transparency issue, saying the donors may not be aware of ALECs support of the laws. Why didnt he just tell the donors of ALECs position instead of asking for their views?

Conservatives understandably see Durbin using the racial undertones of the Martin case to intimidate controversy-averse corporations and groups from donating to the ALEC, which has been effective in promoting free-market principles in state capitals. Confirming that suspicion is Durbins declaration that he will make the donor responses public in the record of a Senate Judiciary subcommittee hearing. In a chilling evocation of another era, Durbin asks, Do you now or have you ever supported stand-your-ground laws?

Scratch a liberal, I say more and more, and you find a fa—st, sometimes incipient, sometimes not.

Black woman on starboard bow, look!

Dennis Byrne says we know right away whether someone is black, white, or in-between.

Denies it says anything but that we have our eyes open — which is usually a good thing, by the way.

New high (low) in puffery at Sun-Times

It’s headed “Getting the word out about health care reform” (oh?), by Francine Knowles, and it is a very good press release about how a p.r. firm puts your $35-million tax money to work FOR YOU!!!

Fleishman Hillard gets its pound of fleish as promoter of sign-ups for the “health care reform” train wreck in Illinois. Some of them carry weight at Sun-Times.

With huge head shot of front-line health care p.r. practitioner from a studio portraitist:

Whole thing reminds me of being urged (told) to do a story about a fork-bending Israeli whom Chi Daily News owner Marshall Field had seen at a party. Long time ago, but more things change . . .

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