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Italian writer stirs a hornet’s nest with doubts about Pope Francis | Crux

​Commenter on John Allen’s as usual excellent discussion/reportage about the Pope as sending mixed signals in multiple statements and comments has a good, if of limited value, point:​


a day ago

I guess one question surfaces…are these contradictions deliberate or a mere result of Francis’s mercurial way of communicating, perhaps owing to his personality or cultural upbringing.

If deliberate…he will fail hard. Crafty popes God doesn’t need.

If owing to mere quirkiness, he may fail; or he may have limited success, but more likely his pontificate will be somewhat a disappointing custodial one.​

​If this is overly pessimistic or not, the cultural upbringing factor leaps out. It’s in his genes to talk that way, which is in part charming, in part annoying when you consider his position on the ship of Peter.

Something else: He seems sometimes to be running for president of the united states of the world rather than already elected to a quite different job.​

Jeb Bush Faces a Catholic Question in 2016

​The Pope Francis problem:

​A new poll shows the former governor of Florida — brother of President Bush 43 and son of President Bush 41 — leading the field of potential 2016 Republican presidential candidates. The poll comes just as Pope Francis is moving assertively, and some might say clumsily, on the public policy front, inspiring the deal between Havana and Washington to renew full diplomatic relations and preparing a papal encyclical on climate change.

​Story is about the Pope’s taking positions right and left (or just left, suit yourself) and putting it to Catholic candidates, such as Jeb Bush.

And "clumsily" as to the Pope’s jumping into things seems about right. He’s the quickest draw in the west, this Francis, going too often where angels fear to tread.

Wary NYPD cops letting minor crimes slide | New York Post

This is sickening. Dumb mayor (and president plus AG) play to leftist and ethnocentric galleries​ with bad results for blacks etc.

Police Commissioner Bill Bratton predicted a long, cold war between Mayor Bill de Blasio and the NYPD’s rank and file Sunday, while admitting that morale among cops was so low, the problem could no longer be denied.

Bratton said cops across the country also “feel under attack,” including from “the federal government at the highest levels.”

​Can you blame the cops?​

Pope’s god of money . . .

"​Pope Francis’s edict on climate change will anger deniers and US churches," says left-wing Guardian of England, quoting him:

"In recent months, the pope has argued for a radical new financial and economic system to avoid human inequality and ecological devastation. In October he told a meeting of Latin American and Asian landless peasants and other social movements: “An economic system centred on the god of money needs to plunder nature to sustain the frenetic rhythm of consumption that is inherent to it." ​

​There’s more in this vein.

​What does he have in mind? something of government control? He’s not big on political freedom, I’d say.
But it’s never been a priority for the Vatican, which has proven it can live with all sorts of autocracies.​

Ex-NY editor goes non-profit and likes it

Bill Keller with The Marshall Project :

Keller said one of the advantages of doing philanthropic journalism is reporters don’t face the same concerns about whether a story will be popular with a broad audience. There aren’t the same pressures to produce Internet traffic.

Like doing a blog for the hell of it.

Oak Park’s Sen. Don Harmon front and center at Rauner inaugural

Talent will out.

Pope Francis on a tear vs. his right-hand people . . .

​. . . . in his annual Christmas speech, when he accused the Curia of a catalogue of “spiritual diseases.”​

​“I have to say, I didn’t feel great walking out of that room today,” one senior Vatican official said, who had been in the Vatican’s Sala Clementina for the speech and who spoke on the condition he not be identified. “I understand that the pope wants us to live up to our ideals, but you wonder sometimes if he has anything positive to say about us at all,” the official said, who’s been in Vatican service for more than two decades. For the record, this was an official who describes himself as an “enthusiast” over the direction being set by Pope Francis.

​He does let himself go, doesn’t he?

Vatican investigator about the Pope at mass

The sister who led the Vatican investigation of American nuns tells something very important about the Pope as mass-sayer:​

You met the pope before the presentation. What was that like?
It was an awesome experience. I’d heard from people who have been to his private Mass, but you really have to experience the presence of a man of God who’s at the Mass to pray. He’s not concerned about who’s there, but about the Eucharist, and he drew us into prayer.​

​So important, that “not concerned about who’s there” but praying and drawing others to do so.

Slave to a Myth

​Slavery reduced cost of cotton, fueled the Industrial Revolution? Nope.​

. . . With Both Hands: President Obama Pays Back Bill Ayers for All of His Kindnesses – Cuba is Just Folks, Again

​Pat Hickey with the goods on Cuba, Bill Ayers, and our own would-be maximum leader.​

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