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Biggest Snowfall of Year Bearing Down on Chicago: ‘It’s Not Going to Miss’ – Streeterville – Chicago

​Heeeere it comes, Chicago!

By the end of the weekend, some parts of the lakefront could see as much as 12 inches of snow. The rest of the Chicago area should brace for between 5 to 10 inches of snow — and maybe even more if the conditions lead to snow before rain Saturday evening.

And forget about the recent New York fiasco, aided and abetted by its doughty mayor and sincerely earnest governor:

“There’s nothing to suggest it’s not happening,” National Weather Service meteorologist Ricky Castro said Saturday morning. “It’s not going to miss us like the heaviest snows missed New York City the other day. It’s not going to miss us.”

This time, they really, really mean it.​


Teacher: I see the difference in educational privilege every day. I live it. I am disgusted by it. – The Washington Post

​Heart goes out to this poor privileged girl who can’t get over it.​

Kerry FIned for Not Shoveling Snow

​Sloppy John. It’s an image of his mental capacities, I’d say.​

Obama Attorney General Nominee Supported Partial-Birth Abortions | Truth Revolt

​She’s a loser.

Meaning win or lose the nomination, that’s what she is.

Rauner’s right to work plans are not appreciated by some

​Big Labor objects to Rauner’s worker-empowerment zones:​ (

​“The Bruce Rauner that managed to mask his true feelings about working families for most of last year showed his true agenda today. Much like his past proposal to cut the minimum wage, he is now going after workers on all fronts by supporting Right To Work, attacking Unemployment Insurance and Workers Compensation, as well as prevailing wage and Project Labor Agreements that benefit both workers and the taxpayers.​

​Which working families is he talking about? The privileged ones whose union contracts insure them lots of money by way of wages etc. which are not and never will be available to the hoi polloi. Tsk, tsk.

Being a pacifist about drugs

​Gummint wars on drugs as its duty to protect citizens from a social evil, George Mason University’s Don Boudreaux argues; but it has become "addicted to intruding in this and many other noxious ways into people’s lives to win this war.


​Even if, contrary to fact, the government could succeed at ‘winning’ the ‘war on drugs’ – and even if you believe that government has a moral duty to protect people from themselves if doing so is worth the price by some reckoning – is the actual price paid today to fight this ‘war’ really sufficiently low to justify the alleged gains?​

​Think about it.

On anti-feast of Saint Thomas Aquinas, Priest and Doctor of the Church

​Once a saint with a feast day, now nothing but a stinking “memorial.” Thus have decreed the liturgical technicians, who wrap pliant bishops around their little fingers.

It’s a “pastoral” loss, because Aquinas was a real, graspable human being who was like us in every respect but oh so different. Vive la difference, my friends, the kind that gives samples of living life in the real. But not making the muster for lit-techs who have their PLANS, do they not​?

For getting things neat and orderly and making it pretty damn hard for the daily homilist who might just otherwise have a bit of advice or two, in Thomas’ case for scholars and students.

Homilist can talk about Thomas if he wishes, yes, but he’d have to decide to go against the grain in an age of relative indifference to saints. The techies have spoken, the matter est fini.

This publisher died for his faith

​Wow. Wanna good thought or two while mourning for the Charlie Hebdo victims? (R.I.P. them) It’s here in Dolores Madlener’s Church Clips column in the Catholic New World.​

​Cartoons and Catholicism —

  • Coming shortly after the Jan. 7 terrorist attack on an audacious publishing house in Paris was the feast day of Blessed William Carter. The two historical episodes have little in common. Yet there is some irony in the proximity of dates since William Carter was also a slain publisher. According to Franciscan Media’s Saint of the Day,” online, this Catholic layman was born in London in 1548. William entered the printing business at a young age, serving for 10 years as an apprentice to well-known Catholic printers. After setting up his own business, William had to spend time in prison for “printing lewd [i.e.,
    Catholic] pamphlets” and for possessing Catholic books. Two years later he was again arrested for printing books that aimed to keep Catholics firm in their faith — an even bigger crime according to Elizabeth I. William was sent to prison for 18 months, suffering torture on the rack.Saint of the Day concludes: “He was eventually charged with printing and publishing ‘A Treatise of Schism,’ which allegedly incited violence by Catholics and which was said to have been written by a traitor and addressed to traitors. While William calmly placed his trust in God, the jury met for only 15 minutes before reaching a verdict of ‘guilty.’ William, who made his final confession to a priest who was being tried alongside him, was hanged, drawn and quartered the following day: Jan. 11, 1584.”

​A publisher martyr, he.​

Roskam excoriates State Department liaison during Benghazi hearing video – Illinois Review

​Roskam’s a slugger. Here he goes after a mealy-mouthed slug.​

Reporter who wrote about being “harassed in Obama’s Washington” on the stand in re: AG nominee. Hmm.

Among witnesses tomorrow before the judiciary committee about AG nominee Lynch:

Ms. Sharyl Attkisson
Investigative Journalist
Leesburg, Va.​

​She’s the no-nonsense reporter who quit CBS after her bosses spied on her after tough reporting on the Benghazi attacks, Fast and Furious and Obamacare.​

​Her book Stonewalled: My Fight for Truth Against the Forces of Obstruction, Intimidation, and Harassment in Obama’s Washington is all about that.

I will be looking at the night’s news and on web for something about what she said and how she said it at the hearing.

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