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No shortage of anti-christs

The apostle John here: We never run out of anti-christs.

Had it not quite right about his being the “last hour.” Cut him some slack on that, if you’re smart. That is, don’t be too smart for your own (or anyone else’s) good. A distraction that, good stuff surrounding it.

As for antichrists, they come and go, and “were not really of our number; if they had been, they would have remained with us.Their desertion shows that none of them was of our number,” says John.

They came and went for the early church. Hmmm.


War between the states reconsidered

Walter Williams does the considerating

The reason he’s anti-anti-Trump « Hot Air Headline

Hot Air has it:

That such a flawed contender could be a front-runner tells us more about what’s wrong with the country than about what’s wrong with his followers.

Read the whole article here, where you find:

People have every reason to expect that their government will take its most basic responsibilities seriously, and every reason to be angry when, instead, it proves more feckless than conscientious.

For instance,

the indignant Trump voters fail to grasp the rationale that led the federal government to conclude that increasing risks to Americans was an acceptable trade-off for a policy that “prohibited immigration officials from reviewing the social media messages of all foreign citizens applying for U.S. visas.”

The Cabinet officer in charge of Homeland Security, as the president understands that concept, favored the policy because he feared more aggressive scrutiny of visa applications might trigger “a civil liberties backlash and ‘bad public relations’ for the Obama administration,” according to ABC News.

In other words, how dumb can Trump supporters be, that they see our government sloppy and feckless and, failing to be “stoic” in the face of the San Berardino massacre, will turn a blind eye to such malfeasance?

more more more here

Thorough indictment of media in re: Obama . . .

Victor Davis Hanson on how they covered up for him.

Wal-Mart raises pay, loses money

Less profit, that is, but take note:

The lesson is that America’s largest private employer—known for its ability to control costs and operate efficiently—lost profit because the company couldn’t offset a wage increase to $9 an hour by increasing prices, automating tasks or scheduling employees more efficiently.

No free lunches, as usual. But Joe and Mary Lunchbucket flock to Wal-Mart for its prices. It’s what they can afford. Do promoters of higher minimum wage get this?

Poor nations are poor because of the lack of capitalism, not because of it

What else is new?

Univ. of Chi nails it

At least, they think so:

Huff Post cites a 2012 survey by the University of Chicago that found among a group of economists none who support a gold standard. But which group of economists? It turned out to be composed entirely of individuals who oppose the gold standard.

Another way to state it would be that a survey of economists who oppose the gold standard found no support for the gold standard. Rush that out.

I get it.

Cops asked for a Taser in the McDonald killing

Hard copy page 13 of Chi Trib with this “radio traffic” account of Laquan McDonald Killing, opposite jump page for page-one’s “Black Christmas protest” story.

But the radio account gives new view of what was happening, such as a call by cop for a Taser to deal with man carrying knife.

A minute later, the dispatcher repeats the call for a Taser. “Anybody close yet?” she asks. “Asking for a Taser for armed offender with a knife.”
Within seconds, an officer radioes [sic]: “Popped our tire on our car, squad.” Police have said McDonald used his knife to slash the front tire of a squad car trying to block his path.

Carrying knife, using it, refusing to stop.

He’d been caught stealing.

The city also released a copy of a 911 call earlier that night reporting that McDonald was stealing radios from trucks in a parking lot.

“Hi, I need a cop over here on 41st and Kildare,” the caller says. “I have a parking lot full of trucks and I have a guy right here who stole the radios.”

The thief got away, cops who had responded followed him, he walking with knife, “nearly a half mile,” 40th-Keeler east to 40th-Pulaski. He slashed a tire when the squad car got close. Resisting..

The guy is walking away. Was getting away. No Taser at hand. A public menace. Two pursuing cops get out.

Eight seconds later, an officer yells out over his radio, “Shots fired by the police! It’s shots fired by the police, squad. Get the ambulance over here.””You guys OK?” the dispatcher asks.

“Ten-four, everything’s fine,” an officer radios back. “Roll the ambulance over here.”

The teen was alive when paramedics arrived but died on the way to the hospital, authorities have said.

The two had arrived 10 minutes after the first call. They got out of their car, weapons drawn. One was shooting in six seconds, got off 16 shots in under 10 seconds. He reloaded, his partner “asked him to stop.”

The two could have said “stop” to the guy with the knife. Tension high. Life or death situation. No Taser. Walk up to him? Swing a club?

Overreacted, we say. We are sure?  Who are we to judge? Sixteen shots. First-degree murder. Charge filed hours before the video released.

State’s attorney knew video was coming, who thinks otherwise? Get that indictment in, quick. They did it in Baltimore. Do it here.

Don’t they all have Tasers? Why not?


Later: Went for a walk, bought Sun-Times at 7-11, left it on dining room table while went to daughter’s for Xmas dinner, returned, read Sun-Times account by Mick Dumke and Chris Fusco, who are major-media professionals and it shows.

More later on the difference, which is that this Dumke-Fusco account is far clearer and more informative than the Trib’s version referred to above. Go Sun-Times.

Trump campaign: Hillary bullied women to hide Bill’s ‘sexist secrets’ | TheHill

A point that deserves repeating, and will be repeated in the months ahead, from Trump spokeswoman:

” . . . Hillary Clinton has some nerve to talk about the war on women and the bigotry toward women when she has a serious problem in her husband.”

And would have been driven to the ground but for the liberal mediums.

In what sense are they fighting Irish?

Fighting Irish? Fighting? Really?

Alumni have often complained to us that, in its prominent football game “What Would You Fight For” videos, Notre Dame always seems to fight for the same good things that others (especially its “preferred peers”) do too, but never for something Catholic that cuts against the grain of secular culture.

They are right. This is another instance of how Notre Dame’s drive to be thought the equal of the nation’s top secular universities threatens its Catholic identity.

They must protect their standing — and not the one achieved by the Four Horsemen  of today.

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