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Does Trump put you off with his diction? Listen to this . . . 

I mean, really . . . 

Source: Donald Trump, Masterpiece Theatre Edition | Power Line


Cam Newton Loves Fun

Big kid loves kids.

After Carolina Panthers’ Jonathan Stewart ran in for a touchdown against the Seattle Seahawks, Stewart handed the ball to a little girl in the stands. Just look at her face:

Makes my annoyance at his showboating slip away.

more more more: Don’t Hate Cam Newton Because He Loves Fun

The Cam Newton dance . . . 

. . . does not sit well with his opponents.

The one thing Cam is doing that’s unique to him is dancing after just about every big play he makes. His dance of choice is called The Dab, which is meant to represent someone coughing after taking a hit of marijuana. When Cam “Dabs,” it infuriates some opponents . . .

You see, to a lot of players, Cam Newton plays like a showboating a–hole. And in the heat of battle there are no white showboating a–holes, or black show-boating a–holes, there is only the United States of Show-Boating A—holes, with Cam being the president and his teammate, Cornerback Josh Norman, being VP.

more more more here: The Cam Newton Hate Is Over Showboating, Not Race


The Missing Man from the debate?

Not who you think, says NY Sun.


What if they know just what they are doing when they defecate in swimming pools?

Here’s what I think is going on: The refugees are acting as they are, not because they see themselves as charity cases, but because they see themselves as conquerors.

They know perfectly well that one doesn’t defecate in a pool in which people (especially children) are swimming. They’re doing it because they are performing the literal equivalent of the expression “I don’t give a shit about you.”

They know you’re not supposed to rape women . . . that is, unless those women are the products of conquest, in which case raping them is one of Mohamed’s commandments.

Source: Instapundit » Blog Archive » WHAT IF THE REFUGEES ARE NOT JUST IGNORANT SAVAGES?, Bookworm asks: Here’s what I think is going on…

Let us debate, you know, Hillary asks Dem Committee . . . 

. . . which won’t approve a New Hampshire debate, jointly operated by a Manchester newspaper and MSNBC.

“What I’ve said to my campaign is that I would look forward to another debate. I am, you know, anxious, if we can get something set up, to be able to be there. And so let’s try to make it happen,” the front-runner for the party nod said during an excerpt of an interview on MSNBC’s “Hardball” that will air Wednesday night. 

She remains the Queen of You-Know, you see. This verbal tic is one of her trademarks, you know.

Source: Clinton wants Dems to sanction new debate | TheHill

Undercover Reporting in the old days . . . 

They seen their duty and they done it, and nailed corrupt inspectors shaking down their tavern: Sun-Times in the ’80s.

Read about it here: “The Mirage” – Pamela Zekman, Zay N. Smith – Chicago Sun Times | Undercover Reporting

The world turns on undercover reporters who uncovered Planned Parenthood

Wanna feel sick? Consider the case of the investigative reporters — one of our society’s most noble and acclaimed pursuers of what’s evil in the world — who have been nailed by those who in the narrative always follow up on their findings, vindicate them, and nail the objects of their investigations.

You know the line about how a grand jury would indict a ham sandwich? Well, feature the hoagie that’s been handed up in Houston, where a runaway grand jury has just indicted two anti-abortion activists for going undercover against Planned Parenthood.

No, Virginia, there ain’t no justice.

Source: Press Wheels on Reporters Who Went Undercover Against Planned Parenthood – The New York Sun

Chicago Shootings Double: 42 Killed, 210 Hurt

Getting worse and worse.

CHICAGO — Forty-two people have been killed and 210 wounded so far in January, almost doubling last year’s numbers.It was the most violent January in years, according to DNAinfo Chicago data: In all, there were 199 shootings Jan. 1-25, while there were just 100 shootings over the same period last year.

The data doesn’t include the victims of violence from Tuesday into Wednesday, when three people were killed and another wounded.

Speaking as the guy next to you at the bar or in the beauty parlor if I frequented either, is there a “crackdown” on crime in the offing? Would the communities support it? Would authorities such as they are do it in face of objections?

Various presumptions in that series of qq, but they are legitimate  . . . 

Source: 2016 Off To A Bloody Start as Shootings Double: 42 People Killed, 210 Hurt – Bronzeville – Chicago

Loyola Vows To Make University Better For Students of Color By 2020

Solution: Automatic grade-raise, administered by diversity office, for every student who can prove he or she is a person of color.

Loyola leaders vowed to move forward, but said “there are no simple solutions to complex problems.” 

Yes, there are simple solutions. I just  gave one.

Source for jump-off story is here: Loyola Vows To Make University Better For Students of Color By 2020 – Rogers Park – Chicago

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