Big bucks in store for Clinton Bundlers who want gummint money for green energy

What a concidence!

Investors in some of the nation’s most heavily subsidized green energy companies are among the top campaign fundraisers for Hillary Clinton, who has pledged to step up government support for wind, solar, and other renewable energy companies.

Clinton’s green energy investor bundlers have been deeply involved in prior efforts at the state and federal levels to secure taxpayer funds for such companies. A Clinton presidency would virtually guarantee additional subsidies and government incentives.

“I met yesterday in Chicago with a big group of clean renewable energy businesses and they’re just ready to go,” she said at an Iowa campaign stop in November. “But they need some help from the government.”

The people who object most strenuously to this are Bernie supporters, of course.

The money-counts part, that is, not the green part. Lot of major plutocrats in the mix, thanking whatever powers there be for Citizens United.

Global Markets Begin to Steady After Brexit-Related Rout – WSJ

It’s what they call a correction, I think.

Financial markets showed signs of stabilizing following sharp falls in the British pound and global stocks after the U.K. voted to leave the European Union last week.

Source: Global Markets Begin to Steady After Brexit-Related Rout – WSJ


From CNN:

House Republicans’ report on the attack in Benghazi paints a picture of a perfect storm of bureaucratic inertia, rapidly worsening security in Libya and inadequate resources in the months that led up to the killings of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three colleagues on September 11, 2012.

CNN has obtained a portion of the report and the full version is expected to be released today.

Hillary Clinton, who was secretary of state at the time of the attack, told the House Benghazi Committee last year that she was aware of the dangers in Libya but “there was no actionable intelligence” indicating a planned attack.

The portion of the report obtained by CNN doesn’t offer a scathing indictment of Clinton. But it does argue that intelligence was available suggesting an attack was possible, and Clinton and a top aide, Patrick Kennedy, should have realized the risks posed to the Benghazi mission by extremist groups.

Who knows? Some of this may stick to the what-difference-does-it-make? lady.

Two ‘graphs have it:

“It is not clear what additional intelligence would have satisfied either Kennedy or the Secretary in understanding the Benghazi mission compound was at risk — short of an attack,” the report says.
Conservative members of the panel released a more political analysis of the attack Tuesday that’s far more critical of Clinton and the Obama administration. That study, authored by GOP Reps. Mike Pompeo of Kansas and Jim Jordan of Ohio, blames the attack on a “tragic failure of leadership.”
The first gives the judicious mainstream conclusion, containing the seed for the second, the drawing out that conclusion to the next level, you might say, of awareness.

These are jerks who do this

Thinking they are in the good old we-shall-overcome days.

From the campus left to Black Lives Matter to Occupy Wall Street to the union activists who took over the Wisconsin legislature in 2011, modern progressives are committed to protest politics: They’ll achieve their demands not democratically but by disrupting civic order and breaking norms and laws. Now these tactics have been imported to the U.S. Congress.

Pelosi et al.

Brexit happened


Britain will regain its political freedom, its autonomous self-government, and its independence from an EU that is spinning out of control under the power of establishment elites, unelected and unaccountable socialist bureaucrats, and a judicial court that is increasingly making legal decisions that replace Britain’s powerful common law.

When you put it that way (and Lawrence Kudlow does), it’s sort of another Magna Carta, or at least in the spirit of same.

Works for me, especially the “establishment elites” part, in whom lies the spirit of something else entirely — experts deciding what’s best for the hoi polloi. Saying in effect, like it or lump it.

Britain Declares Independence – WSJ

Wise words in the aftermath:

If the EU wants to prevent other countries from catching the Brexit bug, our advice is to avoid the temptation to punish the U.K. with an arduous renegotiation of terms for its re-entry into the common market.

The perception of EU high-handedness is what alienates public opinion across the Continent.

Brexit ought to be the wake-up call the EU needs to return to serving as a common market that encourages growth and competition, and not—as it has become since the late 1980s—an innovation-killing superstate obsessed with regulatory harmonization, tax hikes, green-energy dogma and anticompetitive antitrust enforcement.


Source: Britain Declares Independence – WSJ