Whence this Mass “facing the people” anyway?

Why from Vatican Two, of course. Any Catholic knows that.


There was no document that required the destruction of existing altars.  Vatican II did not require it.

There was experimentation with it during the Liturgical Movement, often by those with protestantizing tendencies.

Please, that is to ignore scholarship, as any Catholic knows.

The scholarship in those years which was advanced in support of Mass “facing the people” as an “ancient” practice, was later repudiated by the authors (e.g., Bouyer, Jungmann).  The fact that they changed their minds was never given as much press as the errors they had committed earlier.

Uh-oh, that liberal media business again.

This was a desideratum of liberals from long before the Council.

Reader, I was one of them.

The great liturgical scholar Klaus Gamber said that of all the harmful things that came from the post-Conciliar reform, turning altars around was the most damaging.

Turned mass as prayer into mass as performance.

Source: QUAERITUR: Where did Mass “facing the people” come from? | Fr. Z’s Blog