Bugged by the White House?

Connecting the dots.

Here are all the pieces. The Timeline, if you will. Breitbart first put together some of the pieces, here is more from The Conservative Treehouse.  Ask yourself why the Leftist Old Media has not put these pieces together by now? They know much of this information and now they have the pieces all together in one place, but will they report this?

You can start with #1 on this list, why did the Obama administration file a request in June 2016 to monitor communications between Donald Trump and his advisers? Why? Will anyone from the media ask that first question? Then as #4 states, why did the Obama administration file another request in October 2016, that was approved, then when nothing is found they continue the surveillance of the Trump campaign? Why? Why did the Obama administration never look into what the Clinton campaign did to ‘rig’ the Primary Election with Bernie Sanders?

Lots of questions, and the media still refuses to ask. The media was spied on by the Obama administration, why would it be so tough to believe that he would not do the same to a political rival? Obama, through a spokesperson, has denied he had anything to do with this – if so, then he would welcome justice being served upon those who did authorize this.


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