What did Thomas Aquinas say?

About whether god is alive or dead:

Is God alive? This seems a silly question in the light of God’s knowledge and truth. It is plain enough to us that a dead man cannot follow an argument nor give a rebuttal, a fact that makes abuse of the dead a safe outlet for a coward’s malice. Only the living can understand.

Yet again and again men [and women!] have played the game of living with a dead God, making Him a symbol, an impersonal cosmic thing, a promise of the future, or a product of the hands or the minds of men. It is very much to the point in our time to ask: is God alive? And, if He is, how much of life is there in Him?

Farrell O.P S.T.M., Walter; Healy S.T.D., Martin J. (2015-09-23). My Way of Life (Kindle Locations 370-374). Ravenio Books. Kindle Edition.

See what this marvelous little book does? It puts questions worth cogitating. Get hooked on such matters, and you are on your way to reading further (and to a fuller life while you’re at it).

(Note that this is adaptation of what T.A. wrote, in Latin of course, in the 13th century, when Latin was de rigueur. Here recast by Walter Farrell, O.P.)

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