Why the Vatican Sounds Increasingly Anglican

​It’s that old on-the-one-hand this, on-the-other-hand that.​

The recent selection of Fr James Martin and Michael Warsaw to be part of the Vatican communications team would indicate that this is the case. The Jesuit Fr Martin is a well known progressive. I might say he is an outspoken progressive, but he is too smart to be outspoken. Instead he shrouds his progressive agenda with sentimental spirituality and intentional ambiguity. If you would like to learn about Fr Martin’s advocacy of the LGBT agenda read this article at Crisis.

On the other hand we have the appointment of Michael Warsaw–head of the EWTN media empire. Folks at EWTN and National Catholic Register would be respectful to members of the LGBT community, but they would certainly not celebrate the gay culture.

If you were trying to choose two poster boys for the two different American Catholic Churches you could hardly do better than Mr.Warsaw and Fr.Martin. Were they chosen to bring “balance” to the team? As the pope embraces Justin Welby did he also embrace the Anglican idea of “two integrities”?

l​Also known as having your cake and eating it.​

Makes the sound of the trumpet very uncertain, but keeps down the darn bickering.

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