Annoying things that Indian do to prove themselves cool.

Complaints from South Asia . . .

The Hungover Owls

Author : Harshit Dangwal

(No apologize for being straight forward.)

1.”Dude, you know i only listen to Hollywood or Pop.”

Suck! “Dude i only listen to Pop or Hollywood.” are common words you can found almost every person saying. I don’t understand what is the connection of pop music to coolness. Meanwhile this sounds like Bulls**t.

2.”I didn’t proposed her/him, she/he proposed me.”

Holy sh*t, what if she or he proposed you first. It’s all about your relationship. What is the coolness factor about proposal. (Such peoples needs to grow up.). Literally, they think this will raise their so called repo within their friends circle.

3.”Buddy! Respect girls!!”

Seriously!! I mean are these wordings really true?? 99% No, only vocally not by heart. What is the need to showoff if you really don’t respect them by heart. Talking shi**y things about them at their behind. Atleast don’t wear the…

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