Could Trump Really Be Draining the Swamp? – WSJ

​Some good news on the smaller-government scene.​

The Senate still hasn’t voted on ObamaCare reform, U.S. workers are still waiting for tax cuts to drive economic growth and President of the United States Donald Trump is trading insults with the co-hosts of an MSNBC talk show. Yet Mr. Trump appears to be making progress in what might have seemed the most difficult task given to him by voters in 2016: reducing the power of Washington’s permanent bureaucracy.

State Dept. especially, but also Employment Prevention Agency (heh) and Energy.

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  • jack spatafora  On 07/03/2017 at 5:06 PM

    No enough time or data to draw any conclusions….but if we assume the unfilled mid-management positions in State and especially EPA as drained-swamps, the assumption must be these legislated roles were hurting the country….now that assumption is an alligator of a different color


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