JPII: “The Roman Church Has Special Obligations to Latin”

From the Choir Loft:

The natural effect of “limiting” the traditional [liturgical] repertory seems so obvious that one wonders if widespread ignorance of Latin and chant has not been achieved by design​,”

concludes this piece about Pope St. John Paul II on Latin in the liturgy, referring to the church-wide (attempted) abolition of same.

The writer has asked,

What should the role of the Latin language be in the 21st-century Church?

JP2 spoke of Latin liturgy as:

an expression of the unity of the Church and through its dignified character elicited a profound sense of the Eucharistic Mystery.

and added that

It is therefore necessary to show not only understanding but also full respect towards these sentiments and desires. As far as possible, these sentiments and desires [of those who miss it] are to be accommodated, as is moreover provided for in the new dispositions .

It’s in a 1980 letter, “Dominicae cenae,” in which JP2 recognizes the value of the vernacular in helping “everyone to participate with fuller understanding.”

It’s a nice pacific approach, pleading or making an argument in the cause of church unity. In other words, it’s with neither rigidity nor hostility about or towards Latin, but with openness for all.

From that Polish pope with cruel personal experience of rigidity and hostility on the part of authority.

As for “ignorance of Latin and chant achieved by design,” as above, that design would be by that old fix-it gang which like the poor we have with us always.

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