Trump: “What the hell is going on in Chicago?” Emanuel: Whatever it is, it’s “not about being tough.”

“Better tell that mayor to get tough,” Trump had said.

To which our doughty mayor, no, no, no, no:

. . .  fighting violence [is] “not about being tough but being smart and strategic.”

And it’s working! Why can’t Trump see that?

Besides, programs are in place:

Emanuel said he is working to create jobs, expand after school programs and curtail access to guns as part of a comprehensive strategy that includes an increasing reliance on high-tech crime fighting tools, like the Shotspotter program that uses high-powered microphones to detect gunshots.

Fine, for the last named, which is crime-fighting. The others are social services. Why always the preference  for social service?

Source: Rahm To Trump: Smarts, Not Strength Needed To Stop Chicago Violence

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  • Margaret McCarthy  On 07/26/2017 at 9:30 PM

    Why is the mayor not getting “smart” then?


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