Catholic mass-goers of 2017 vs. those of 1962

In case you wonder what you’re missing (or, as it happens, glad you’re not):

Old Mass vs. New Mass
Traditional Latin Mass
With …
Modern Mass at your parish
Atmosphere of Reverent Worship:
Peaceful, otherworldly atmosphere. Emphasis on individual “lifting his heart & mind to God.” Members of congregation direct attention to God, not each other.
Social, Classroom, Entertainment Atmosphere:
Constant standing, sitting, amplified noise; atmosphere like a public meeting. Emphasis on “instruction.” Socializing in church before & after service, and handshaking during.
Profound Reverence for Real Presence:
Sixteen genuflections. The hands of the priest alone touch the consecrated host. Communion given only on tongue.
Indifference, Irreverence towards Real Presence:
Only three genuflections required. Lay men & women distribute communion. Communion given in hand – a practice protestants introduced to deny Christ’s Real Presence.
Fidelity to Catholic Doctrine:
Over the course of a year, presents all facets of Catholic doctrine.
Systematic Omission of Catholic Doctrines:
New prayers systematically omit references to hell, judgement, punishment for sin, merits of the Saints, the one true Church, the souls of the departed & miracles.

That’s not the half of it . . . 

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  • takingasecondlook  On 08/04/2017 at 5:56 PM

    Jim ~ I don’t like my reactions to this, but I have to admit I can’t relate to all the legalism and ritualism…I once did…. I know there must be some first cause higher power….but I have to assume it is far beyond legalities and rituals….I’m searching even after years of simply believing….not a good feeling at our age


  • Jim Bowman  On 08/04/2017 at 6:56 PM

    You don’t see God in them details? Each in isolation, I agree. One can be too fussy. But the general thrust of the implied argument is on the mark, I think. What sold me years ago, after entertaining one by one the implied condemnations of what we now have, was James Hitchcock’s 1974 book “Recovery of the Sacred: Reforming the Reformed Liturgy,” reprinted by Ignatius Press in 1995, which makes the point that something’s been lost that would have helped our faith. The first of the “modern Mass” characterizations applies. It’s the strongest objection, I think.

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