Emanuel declines to criticize police officers facing reprimand for kneeling

What he said:

“They were somewhat betwixt, between two different aspirations,” Emanuel told reporters Tuesday.

He has a way with words, I’ll give him that, although it goes for many a pol, much of not most of the time. Those darn different aspirations get you in the end.

Oxford University stabber avoids jail because of her ‘extraordinary’ potential

Or: “Rich Brat Beats Rap

Which could have been a front-page headline when newspapers were newspapers. Up there with the Post’s own “Headless body found in topless bar“?

Not even close, I admit. But still . . .

Meanwhile, Drudge and Chi Sun-Times are trying hard.

Cardinal Müller Suggests Pope Francis Appoint Group of Cardinals to Debate His Critics

Amazing outbreak here of democratic spirit. It took a liberal to incite it.

The Church needs “more dialogue and reciprocal confidence” rather than “polarization and polemics,” he continued, adding that the Successor of St. Peter “deserves full respect for his person and divine mandate, and on the other hand his honest critics deserve a convincing answer.”

Incited by the pope, I mean. It’s a way to stimulate thinking. A sort of elected (chosen by the president/holy father, that is) house and senate, or parliament, in a spirit of the truth making us free.

Oak Park Coalition for Truth & Justice discuss college for Afr-Am citizens

Gearing up for their next meeting, my friends at OPCTJ (who welcomed me to their meetings, me pen in hand, etc.) open with this as its focus:

Meeting # 3,444 – In America, access to, and success in, higher education is often seen as the most viable path to class, cultural, and social improvement.

Count me among those who do not see it that way. Rather, I see it as stable, loving family life, a far less available but far more viable path to this goal.

Coach: White People Must Be Uncomfortable

​Feel it, brother.

This is a speciality of the left. It’s guilt, as a Protestant minister told me years ago, “the gift that keeps on giving.”

The late Cardinal George of Chicago ​asked a TV-caster in his farewell press conference, “Why did you always ask me [as comment for a happening], ‘How do you feel?’ rather than ‘What do you think?'”

You gotta press the right buttons for some people. It’s how they operate and how they assume others operate.