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Lede of the day. What would Jesus do about taxes?

From the ever-quotable Daniel Henninger:

Jesus Christ could count himself lucky that for the completion of his earthly mission he had the 12 apostles and not the 52 Republican members of the U.S. Senate.

Those 52 munchkins can snatch defeat out of victory any day, the Lord’s Day included.

via Taxes: What Would Jesus Do? – WSJ

Imagine: The Lord tells Lazarus to walk from his tomb, and the apostle Bob, the first fiscal hawk, objects that if Jesus continues raising people from the dead, the unplanned population growth will blow out Judea’s deficit. Apostle Bob says he won’t go along without a hard cap on resurrections.

The Lord reminds the apostles of how he fed the multitudes with the miracle of the loaves and the fishes. Forget it, says the apostle Jeff. Unconstrained loaf-and-fish division will create a culture of entitlement. Apostle Jeff says he’s leaving.

Angered, Jesus threatens to drive the money changers from the temple. You’re wasting your energy, says the apostle Ron, an accountant before joining the discipleship. Ron explains to the Lord that the money changers are pass-through entities who are withholding their support until Jesus extracts equal tax treatment for them from King Herod.

Etc. Alas, subscripition required.

Next for Notre Dame get rid of the mascot, which offends some Irish-ancestry people?

Yes, after whiting (?) out the inaccurately designated Indians from the Christopher Columbus murals, white out Columbus while you’re at it. As for upsetting Italian-ancestry people, well . . .

via Offensive murals must go, say Native American Notre Dame students and others | National Catholic Reporter

And the name Fighting Irish, by which immigrants said blank-you to the native Americans designated as nativists, you don’t like it? Hey, it’s on you.

Trump wisely keeps NFL feet to fire with his version of instant fireside message

It only makes sense, politically and, by the way, sensibly. Players et al. are acting unwisely and ought to be called on their foolish behavior. Bully pulpit used by politically wise and sensible POTUS.

The NFL’s Thanksgiving games were turkeys from a ratings standpoint, hitting multiyear lows in all three time slots, while three of the four national windows on Sunday also experienced drops from last year, according to Sports Business Daily.

Meanwhile, the number of players refusing to stand for “The Star-Spangled Banner” jumped from five to 19 in Week 12, according to the ESPN tally.


“The NFL protesters are kneeling themselves out of a job,” said BizPac Review’s Samantha Chang in a Nov. 24 article.

Not that they are paragons of sensibility in the first place. Consider the inane end-zone antics post-touchdowns. Children, stop it.

via Donald Trump zings NFL as ratings dip, protests surge – Washington Times

Oh boy, another hate crime turns out not so

Not even close. Unless self-hate, which could be white people’s doing. (Hey, I’m just trying not to offend, ok?)

via Cancel Those Hate Crimes: Black Man Arrested for Vandalizing Five Black NJ Churches | Jammie Wearing Fools


Classic example of liberal mindset aiming story at fellow comfort-zone inhabitants. Intended readers will not say “so what?” to this story.

None will question the mirror-the-population test. (What could be more obvious?)

None will question this assumption or wonder what the results are from judges who do mirror the population, what studies there are and what they show.

This AP story ran in Chi Trib and in dozens of other papers around the country lwho ike the Trib depend more than ever, in an age of shrinking budgets and newsrooms, on AP.

via Trump choosing white men as judges, highest rate in decades

Special counsel Robert Mueller stands on reputation that belies a record including fumbles

Put another way: Never-Trump idol has clay feet.

Say it isn’t so, Special Counsel/Prosecutor, whatever, in whom the Republic has placed its confidence, putting you beyond reach of the law(s).

(When will we ever learn?)

via LA Times

It’s all about power, today’s college students are taught — a castrating experience, this quote . . .

. . . from Jonathan Haidt’s 2017 Wriston Lecture to the Manhattan Institute on November 15 and featured in [11/24] Wall Street Journal as its Notable and Quotable item:

Many students are given just one lens—power. Here’s your lens, kid. Look at everything through this lens. Everything is about power. . . .

The rest of it is here: Quotation of the day on the only lens given to today’s college students (power) and how it leads to intellectual impotence…. – AEI

Too many Republicans unimpressed by GOP tax bill? Why don’t leaders push it as job-creator?

Which they would if they understood how freedom to invest is the engine of job-creation. Instead, they play the usual pay-less-taxes game, which is not exactly a loser but which ignores the effect of corporate-tax-relief as freeing up money for what?


via Republicans push hard on GOP tax plan, but voters just aren’t that into it – LA Times

Arguing vs. populism as force from nowhere, Nation writer points up a Tory who endorsed Brexit.

[It’s] important to remember that a figure like Nigel Farage, the former leader of the populist UK Independence Party, did not bring about Brexit all by himself; he needed the backing of very established figures from the Conservative Party like Michael Gove.

It was Gove, after all, who, in the face of warnings about Brexit by many experts, announced that “the people of this country have had enough of experts.”

The irony was that Gove himself clearly spoke with the authority of an expert: He has always been seen as one of the Tories’ most prominent “intellectuals.”

It took nothing less than an expert to convince people that claims of expertise are overrated.

Such a leap. An “intellectual” recognizes a movement, and movement people take their cue. Nah.

via Blaming the People | The Nation

Latest in long line of Latin-American tyrants has very effective 1984-style way to keep citizens in line

Venezuelan shortages of everything are widely acknowledged. But there is less recognition that strongman Nicolás Maduro is using control of food to stamp out opposition.

Hyperinflation has shriveled household budgets and the government has taken over food production and distribution. Most damning is evidence that access to government rations has become conditional on Maduro’s good favor.

Pope Francis is well known for taking Latin-American tyrants down a peg, right? Don’t cry for him, Venezuela. He’s on his way. (He is?)

via Venezuela Is Starving Its People – WSJ

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