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Iran May Be Experiencing A World-Changing, Legitimate Resistance Movement While American Media Yawns

Now that’s resistance:

Protests began to break out across Iran Thursday, beginning in small cities with a few hundred protestors and eventually ending up in the capital city of Tehran.

Not that you would know it by looking at American media outlets, who largely yawned and continued to cover fluffy, end-of-year feature stories even as it was reported that Iranian police had decided they could no longer arrest uncovered women, which some assumed was because too many had thrown off the hijab.

Do not blame our mainstreamers. They are so busy also with trumped-up Trump-Russia stories. They can’t do everything, you know.

Joe the style-setter


joes new sweater

joes new sweater


Who is Francis to judge, anyhow?

At 27% of Dictator Pope, I find this about the gay lobby, its main agenda, and The Pope Who Can:

The wider significance of this infiltration is that the homosexual lobby is working to change the Church’s moral teaching in its own interest, and it has come into its own with the liberalising tendency introduced by Pope Francis.

For example, Archbishop Bruno Forte wrote for the Synod on the Family in 2014 the text which attempted to relax Catholic teaching on homosexuality. His text was rejected by the Synod, but not for any lack of effort on Pope Francis’s part to advance the liberalising cause.

Perhaps an even more scandalous case is that of Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, who, incredibly, is President of the Pontifical Council for the Family and whom Pope Francis has recently made President of the John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and the Family, the body which John Paul intended as the watchdog of the Church’s teaching.

Colonna, Marcantonio. The Dictator Pope (Kindle Locations 905-911). Kindle Edition.

Hit job? That would be to dismiss the book’s connecting dots on dozens of published sources. If it’s a case for the prosecution, it’s a strong one.

Chi Trib home run editorial tells us about taxes

State and local, that is.

Because of high property and sales taxes here, the nonpartisan Tax Foundation routinely ranks Illinois as imposing among the highest total state and local tax burdens nationwide. (The rankings always lag, but in the most recent, fiscal 2012, Illinois was fifth-highest.)

And the next politician who proposes raising taxes here will get an earful from taxpayers who realize that they alone will be stuck with the full impact. If they’re already paying $10,000 in property and income taxes, no politician can win their approval with that sweet promise of a fat federal deduction.

Which is because the new U.S. tax code says don’t even think about deducting those state and local taxes (SALT) above $10G — such as the Oak Park homeowner couple with a $22G annual bill on their house.,

No more fobbing that off on the other 49 states, as the Trib says, and quite a bit more heat on Illinois pols. Which some of us consider a very good thing.

As for l’affaire Franken, the accused senator . . .

. . . whose speech predicting his resignation was all about his being a defender of women, some senators are rethinking their support of his resignation. Not Sen. Gillibrand, however, who told a colleague he was entitled to due process but not her silence.

However, comments James Freeman:

It appears that the only ones entitled to Ms. Gillibrand’s silence were Bill and Hillary Clinton, who enjoyed Ms. Gillibrand’s enthusiastic support for more than a decade while they were politically useful. To stay, it seems that Mr. Franken will need to show how he too can be useful to the New York senator.

Come on. Can’t a girl pick and choose in these matters?

Stocks booming

He’s a market maker in a sense.

Trump, that is, plus of course the tax bill hovering and considered about to land. Happy days here again?

Et tu, Chris Matthews?

Claims paid, claims a-coming?

Knew him for big mouth, never had him for a molester.

N.Y. Fed raises U.S. fourth-quarter GDP growth view to near 4 percent

Less than a year since Trump took oath to as he put it make America great again. He was not kidding.

Obama crew punk former AG calls for mass protests . . .

. . . if Trump fires extra-special prosecutor.

Good. Removes mask of supposed professionalism. Was a very thin mask anyway. Eric is bold fellow, right?

FCC dousing Obama’s “net neutrality” is a crazy way to be authoritarian

As an authoritarian, Trump is a flop. Authoritarians don’t reduce gummint control, they increase it.

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