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Donald Trump is teaching Republicans how to fight | New York Post

I knew it, I knew it, I knew it. He was the one to take on Hillary. And now the world.

It’s an observation so strikingly true that you wonder why you didn’t think of it earlier. “Donald Trump,” a friend said the other day, “is teaching the Republican Party how to fight and how to win.”

The evidence is everywhere every day, and it was on vivid display Tuesday night. The president remains in a fighting mood, determined to keep punching his way forward.

The Trump way starts with the passage of the historic tax cuts despite tiny Republican majorities in Congress and scare tactics from the left. Before passage, polls showed the public was strongly opposed — but Trump pulled, pushed and bullied his party over the finish line.


Trump: I Will Release The FISA Memo

Let not your Trumpian hearts be troubled. The memo is coming. Two of them, in fact, as a co-author of the GOP memo commented:

Rep. Trey Gowdy said this week on Fox that the memo is “embarrassing” to Democrats. Gowdy said:

My Democratic colleagues didn’t want us to find this information. They did everything they could to keep us from finding this information. I think it will be embarrassing to Adam Schiff once people realize the extent to which he went to keep them from learning any of this. That would be the embarrassment…. if it were up to Adam Schiff, you wouldn’t know about Hillary Clinton’s email. You wouldn’t know about the server. You wouldn’t know about the dossier. I do find it ironic that he has his own memo right now because if it were up to him, we wouldn’t know any of it.

Good man, Gowdy.

Get a load of main street mainstream post-SOTU offerings . . .

. . . as delivered by Chi Trib, faithful as ever to its lib-Dem convictions.

Tension grips Congress as Trump calls for unity, then touts GOP agenda
Karen Tumulty and Philip Rucker [Wash Post!]

The president sought to repurpose the term “Dreamer,” saying that it shouldn’t be an excuse to shortchange Americans’ economic prospects or safety.


Winners and losers from Trump’s State of the Union address  [Wash Post]

Fact check: Trump’s State of the Union speech doesn’t skimp on exaggerations [AP]

Huppke: State of the Union just fine for those turning blind eyes to Trump

Notice the prominence of  Wash Post and AP. Once it was merely second-city lemming-ism, now it’s actual transferring Trib’s Eastern-seaboard models to its front page.

Question: Where would Trib be without the Wash Post and AP? Once there was a newspaper, now a . . . copy cat?

Pope Francis’ blind spot on sexual abuse | National Catholic Reporter

The perspicacious Reese spots the flaw in the whole Vatican catastrophe:

The Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors recommended that Francis set up a separate office in the Vatican to deal with bishops who fail to do their job protecting children. At first, he agreed, but then he left the job with the Congregation for Bishops and existing Vatican offices. That was a mistake. The office that creates bishops will never be eager to uncover evidence that the man it helped become a bishop is a failure.

The Catholic Church could learn from secular governments on how to structure itself to deal with crimes and cover-ups, especially those that do not come under the jurisdiction of secular authorities.

The Vatican needs a department of justice with professional investigators and prosecutors who could deal with sexual abuse and cover-ups, as well as financial corruption, theft and other crimes. A separate judicial system should determine whether the evidence of guilt is convincing. The roles of investigators and judges could appropriately be held by lay women and men.

No one should be above the law. It compromises the system when someone like Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone is not called to testify under oath in the case involving the misappropriation of funds to pay for the renovation of his apartment.

The status quo is not working. Pope Francis needs to make dramatic changes in the way in which the Vatican investigates crimes, especially those by bishops.

It should happen. Odds are it won’t. (Says this more or less perspicacious blogger.)

Another cardinal puts it to Francis about communion for divorce, this one a sitting archbishop

Cardinal Eijk Asks Pope to Clarify Questions About “Remarried” Divorcees

My money is on his NOT clarifying.

Trump HUD official Lynne Patton apologizes for calling reporter April Ryan ‘Miss Piggy’

And well she might apologize, but it was funny.

Eminem says a “fucking turd” would be a better President than Trump

Very disappointed in Eminem, from whom we have learned to expect so much.

How many more cultural icons can Trump afford to lose?

Trump HUD official Lynne Patton apologizes for calling reporter April Ryan ‘Miss Piggy’

And well she might apologize, but it was funny.


Let’s all agree to ‘live in tension’

Says NC Reporter blogger.

And makes a good case for getting along with opponents in a number of doctrinal battles. But his cases each call for broad-mindedness, not just loving the person right or wrong, which broad-m. can look a lot like giving away the store.

It’s one thing to recognize the opponent as a child of God, for instance, another to say he or she may be right. If it’s tension you are willing to undergo, this friendliness with your opponent right or wrong provides more than enough.

So what else is new?

NC Reporter blogger approves Pope Francis quote!

Wants it to be the cornerstone of diplomatic activity.

If I had to choose a quote from our latest print issue that could serve as a motto for the whole edition, I think I’d have to go with Pope Francis’ words to the Vatican diplomatic corps advising them to “abandon the familiar rhetoric and start from the essential consideration that we are dealing, above all, with persons.”

As to what the heck that means, well gosh . . .

Not data, principles, logic, all that governs our dealing with persons?

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