Gone and not soon enough forgotten, the man who jiggered an ex-pope’s message . . .

. . . to make his boss the incumbent look good.

Did he unwisely capture and internalize the curial climate which puts a so high a value on making the incumbent look good?

He’s bounced for now from this job, but such loyalty will not go unrewarded.

Pope Francis asked Msgr. Vigano, 55, to remain at the secretariat as “assessor” to “make your human and professional contribution” in assisting whoever is named the new prefect as the Vatican continues its long and complicated work of unifying its communications efforts and various media outlets.

So. He’s still around. Beautiful.

Notice. No castigation of his dishonesty in service of the pontiff.

Later: Au contraire, he clearly thinks the world of the man:

The Pope applauded the “great engagement” and the “style of available confrontation and docility” of Monsignor Vigano with the collaborators of the Curia and he stresses that “the reform of the Church is not first of all a problem of organization charts but, rather, the adoption of a spirit of service.” He thanks the outgoing Prefect for his “humility” and his “profound sensus ecclesiae.”

That last is “sense of the church,” or feeling for what’s best for it. Well.

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