A college senior argues vs. white privilege argument with fellow blacks


White privilege has become the target of many initiatives in higher education. The goal, advocates say, is to fight racism and promote justice. Yet the practice often doesn’t seem constructive.

In my college career, I’ve spoken to many peers and professors who insist adamantly that any conversation about race in America should begin and end with the accusation of white privilege.

The aim seems to be to establish guilt, not build understanding.

Yes. And by the way, might we argue that affirmative action is a vehicle of black privilege?

via The Cudgel of ‘White Privilege’ – WSJ

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  • Margaret  On 04/10/2018 at 7:36 AM

    Yes, Affirmative Action is a form of blatant discrimination. It has gone on long past it’s proper time & is now a cudgel against white males who never lived during the time when blacks were slaves or shut out of opportunities.


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