Chicago’s St. John Cantius Priest has strong parishioners’ support

Among articulate defenders of Fr. Frank Phillips is Parishioner Nick Chapello, a policeman of 20 years, who told Church Militant,

“I think that I am a better father to my family after watching [Fr. Phillips’] paternity as priest and pastor.”

Chapello, who has experience investigating sex crimes, continued, “I have been sued as a policeman five times, once as a  civilian. I have tried to forgive my accusers. I have tried to understand that they were desperate people. Many were motivated by vengeance and anger.”

“The only thing that I do know is Fr. Phillips is a man that I can trust with the care of my wife, my children and, yes, my very soul,” he added. “I don’t think that I can honestly say that about anyone else, kith or kin.

In a trial of any repute, ecclesiastical or not, one hopes that such testimony is taken into account.

Will Fr. P. meet his accuser or accusers? Or will the investigation and trial be shrouded in sacred secrecy? Faithful Catholics such as Chapello will want to know. The church itself is on trial in a sensational case like this.

via Chicago Priest Defends Himself Against Accusations

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