Donald Trump Is the Most Successful First-Year President of All Time

I had to look long and hard via Google to find a mainstream opinion columnist with this point of view –– as of last December anyway. And before Trump’s North Korea initiative, by the way.

On one level, it sounds crazy. The president has spent year one mired in controversy over crazy tweets involving alleged face-lifts of TV stars, horrifically ignorant and ill-advised comments about white nationalists, alleged personal profiting off the presidency, supposed interference in criminal investigations and the connections of multiple members of his campaign and administration team to Russia – and more.

But when it comes to actual policy accomplishments tied to pledges he made on the campaign trail, Trump is actually doing pretty well – whether you like the results or not.

Lest we forget what’s most important, missing the forest because of the trees popping up here, there, everywhere.

(Writer is or has been a GOP consultant, also by the way; but her previous U.S. News contributions do not betray that. Any case, her argument’s what’s important, and to a lesser extent the venue where she apparently has a home.)

via US News

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