Jordan B. Peterson triggers host over female aggression data: ‘What is an out-of-control woman?’

He got her going, she got him going.

He’d spoken of women out of control.


“Who controls women? … You described yourself as a liberal and I think that a liberal doesn’t think that society controls women or men. … What is an out-of-control woman? What is this creature? How would we know when we’ve met one?” Ms. McElvoy shot back during a series of exchanges.

“I’m sure you met one in your life that acted towards you in a bullying in detestable manner,” Mr. Peterson replied. “It’s very difficult for women to cope with that because that don’t have any real recourse. And female bullying can be unbelievably vicious. It usually takes the shape of reputation destruction, innuendo and gossip. It’s well documented.”

“Only women? … Where is the data on innuendo and gossip?” Ms. McElvoy countered.

“Well, it’s among antisocial behavior among adolescents,” Mr. Peterson said. “It’s a well-documented field. People look at aggressive and anti-social behavior in women and in men, and in women it tends to take the expression of innuendo, gossip and reputation destruction. In men, it tends to take the form of outright physical aggression. There’s a whole literature on that. It’s not a surprise to anyone. This has been known for 30 years. [Italics added]

I saw this in the Jesuits (1950-1968), where non-violence almost always prevailed and there was a freedom of exchange among us that made some of us at times bolder than we would be where there was danger of being punched.

via Washington Times

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