The mass today: sales pitch not soul food

Why Whittaker Chambers chose communism:

There is a deep yearning in many people in modern society for something greater than their atomized and alienated selves. Whittaker Chambers, in explaining his embrace of communism to his children, reflected that it was not Marx’s dialectic or philosophy of history that made him join up with the communists. It was that communism offered something to people deeply searching for meaning.

Catholic mass is not competing:

The kitsch-like commercialization and consumerization of the Mass, and the loss of deep reverence and mystery, has led to a deep metaphysical and ontological poverty in Catholics and the broader culture at large. But in darkness the light shines brightest. In a dark room people cannot help but be drawn to the lone candle.

Catholics come seeking bread, are given a stone. Not how it’s supposed to be.

Let us not, let not Pope Francis et al. demonstrate contempt for the mass of old.

Etc. Rest of it at God and Mass at Yale – Crisis Magazine

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