More more more from Fr. Phillips lawyer’s Canon Law Letter to Cupich

He aims to vacate the Cupich action.

If Your Eminence, as Ordinary of the Archdiocese of Chicago, prior to giving the March 12th decree had conducted a preliminary investigation, prompting the restrictions [namely] the canonical sanctions, imposed on Fr. Phillips, then it can only be valuated as superficial and incomplete. Hence, your decree is lacking factual foundation (Cfr. canons 48-51 CJC).

What is more, the verbiage of your decree and other public writings appear contradictory, and unfounded in canon law. Hence, this perceived lack of clarity and linearity – also in reference to the erroneous application of the dictates of the prescribed canon law process – gives way to, and even further provokes profound confusion amongst the faithful, causing unnecessary scandal and division.

I can hear the SOS flying across the seas to his padrone Francis: “Papa Francisco, I’m in trouble.”

via Mahound’s Paradise: EXCLUSIVE: Text of Fr. Phillips Canon Law Letter to Cupich

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