Janus not the end of public unions, I wrote to the Sun-Times

In response to (scrolling down):

State Sen. Kimberly Lightford, D-Maywood, in her July 13 letter [who] writes as if Janus were the end of public unionism, which it isn’t.

Rather, it’s reducing unions’ income from non-members, who are as free as they ever were to join. Her letter should be a plea to the not-yet-organized to persuade them as to the benefits she describes, black women included.

I’m surprised the senator seems not to realize this.

Jim Bowman, Andersonville

Short, sweet, to the immediate point, I trust, which is that Janus is not quite a right-to-work decision, rather a right-not-to-be-held-up.

In Sun-Times Letters to the Editor, 7-17-18 hard copy

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