Very interesting account of long-ignored whistle-blowing on McCarrick . . .

. . . by a veteran New York archdiocese pastor. Long interview by Crux. He’s a smart guy who makes reasonable distinctions but wants the book thrown at McCarrick — ecclesiastical trial and all, including defrocking — but comes across as anything but a bomb-thrower.

Reporting to responsible superiors about McCarrick since the middle ’80s, he repeatedly got non-responses from bishops and cardinals, among them cardinal and archbishop of New York Ed Egan, a Chicago priest (from St. Giles parish in Oak Park), who “clearly did not want to hear about this . . . “He knew exactly what I was talking about. Seeing how he reacted, he knew exactly what I was saying, and he didn’t want to pursue the subject.”

Caught off guard in a one-to-one conversation, my guess is that it was (and is) the rare prelate or other superior who would react otherwise. And there were others over the years.

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