Cardinal Cupich on why not blame homosexuality for abuse, 8/27/18

In Chicago Tribune as part of an extensive interview:

“If you say that this is about homosexuality, then in the end what you’re really saying is that people who are gay are more prone to abuse children than straight people are, and that’s an injustice,” Cupich said.

“The research does not bear that out. And I’ve said that time and time again. Well, people are saying, ‘Well, you know you had so much of this abuse that was male-on-male.’ That’s true. But it was due not because homosexuals are more prone to injure kids, it was due to opportunity and also situational factors.”

Opportunity, sure. Access is more direct. Same for situational factors. He uses soft, less particular terms much favored by the bureaucrat. Specificity is for prosecutors and poets, who are more likely to give us a feel for things.

But he’s stuck with the report of 81% of priest victims being male. If they’d been female, they would still have been victimized? That’s a hard argument to make. An odd one anyhow.

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