For wannabe bishops all roads lead to Washington, D.C.

The way things have been in the nation’s capital:

The Archdiocese of Washington has, for several years, been a center-left jurisdiction controlled by a tightly connected mafia.  Cross the middle to go to the left, like Jesuits in Georgetown, and you are tolerated until Rome speaks.  Cross the middle to go to the right as a priest and you are suspended, transferred, removed, retired or even sent out of the country.

Many of the pastors of large parishes have been priest-secretaries to the archbishops or otherwise extremely loyal to whichever cardinal is in charge, despite the open-secret atrocities committed we now know about.  This will continue, even under a new archbishop in Washington, unless a massive housecleaning is accomplished, from the chancery on down.

The priest writer:

As one who was denied a job several years ago in the Archdiocese of Washington chancery (Deo gratias!), after successful interviews and high-level recommendations, explicitly as a result of a code of mafia-like trust that could not be counted on, this writer guarantees nothing will change until all levels of staff — priests and laymen — are, at best, re-examined or, at worst, removed.  Otherwise the mafia, with its secrecy and cover-ups, will simply continue under new leadership.


Tight ship, closed shop. Join the union of All Things Go, or forget about it.


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