Word to the wise to the wanna-be shaker and mover . . .

Your game plan may be all awry.

Jeffery Tucker is correct: to work seriously and to good effect to change the world requires patience. A slice:

Change doesn’t usually come about through threats, screaming, signs, and intimidating demands, much less unhinged dreams of how you think the world should work.

If the movements gathering around the country to demand this and that in front of the Supreme Court reduced their ambitions to immediate family and friends, they might discover the truth of what [Jordan] Peterson is teaching.

Making a loud fuss can be satisfying but it doesn’t get the job done.

But this misses the point. Making a fuss is an end in itself for many of them. Will not soon forget the Democratic Socialist in a cell meeting in the Chicago ‘hood Rogers Park a few years back where a young fellow crowed about shutting down the Texas legislature in an all-nighter in Austin after which the offending bill was passed anyhow.

Didn’t bother him at all, he was celebrating the effort.

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