Wheeling WV’s Bishop Bransfield had truly lavish tastes

The Great West Virginia President Firing

Deserved an article in Gent’s Quarterly or Vogue.

1. He had a personal chef whom he sent to France for two weeks to learn how to prepare gourmet food as the French prepare it. The chef enjoyed his time there and said he was amazed at how the French care for their vegetables

2. He had a sunken bar installed in his mansion on Elmwood Place, Wheeling, along with a huge wine cellar (be assured there was neither Boone’s Farm nor Mad Dog 20/20 on his shelves)

3. He took NUMEROUS first-class fights to Rome each year, always accompanied and always carrying a significant amount of dollars converted to euros

4. On one occasion while dining at the Chop House restaurant in Charleston he told an associate he had considered buying a helicopter for the diocese but ruled that purchase out because, “that would send the people over the deep…

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