Parishioners reflect on priest removed from Avondale church

This seems pretty balanced piece, offering first defense of and by gay interviewees that wasn’t angry and vindictive. (Alderman Deb take note.)
The Rev. Mark Bartosic celebrated Mass at Resurrection Catholic Church, filling in for Rev. Paul Kalchik, who was removed after burning a gay flag.
Article also shows Fr. Kalchik as caring pastor. Nothing about him as defender of the faith, which is a hurdle that many if not most cannot cross, including it seems Card. Cupich.
Fr. K. made his case to the world, Card. Cupich has made his. The twain have not met and probably never will this side of the after-life.
And undiscussed here or anywhere else is the pastoral role owed by the cardinal. His response may be contrasted with that of his predecessor Cardinal George and his handling of the Fr. Pfleger case, whereby Fr. P. was suspended after vigorous defiance of George but was eventually reinstated. All in very public, much reported fashion, and not enacted by surrogates.
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  • Catholic  On 09/25/2018 at 10:09 AM

    Don, the ST piece is not balanced at all. It has lies in it to begin with. Fr. Paul Kalchik did NOT burn the flag. Some of his parishioners did that, took pictures of it, and sent the photos to

    Riccardo Vargas, (only partially quoted by the ST) in his interview, -and I was there, standing next to him when he was being interviewed, -was all over the place in his assessment of the situation. He got *some* things right, in terms of Church teaching, and the present crisis of Faith, (i.e., Cupich, and other bishops and priests, including the pope, who are supporting and pushing the homosexual lifestyle, which is a serious or Mortal sin, also known as sodomy, which is one of the Seven Sins Which Cry to Heaven for Vengeance).

    However, Vargas said he didn’t believe it was “gayness” that caused the problem. Well, then, exactly WHAT DID cause the “problem”. Homosexualism and what homosexuals do, i.e., sodomize each other, and even rape innocent boys and young men, including seminarians, (like Fr. Paul Kalchik, who at 19 was raped by a priest from Villa Scalabrini Home in Northlake so many years ago) -THAT is the problem.

    Priests like the two Columbian priests who were working for the archdiocese of Chicago, getting caught in the very act of sodomizing each other in full public view in Miami Beach – THAT is the problem. How shameless they were, -until they got caught by the police, and then they tried to shield their faces from the media cameras.

    The homo-clericalism, or the Gay Mafia in the Church is the huge crisis we are dealing with now. It is causing a veritable Schism in the Church and the worst Crisis of Faith in over 500 years, perhaps the worst ever, because it involves the vicar of Christ himself, who has refused to “say anything about” what he knew of defrocked, arch-homosexual predator Ted McCarrick. Bergoglio won’t even allow an investigation into McCarrick’s record by the US bishops.

    The faithful are suffering greatly as a result of this crisis, and *have* suffered greatly over the decades since the end of the Vatican II council.

    Cupich acted like a mob boss with his priest, Fr. Paul Kalchik, -who did NOTHING wrong. Cupich did not even call Fr. Kalchik to speak with him personally, (as far as we know). Instead, as many of us now know, Cupich sent 2 henchmen-priests, who tried to bully Fr. Paul into leaving. Then came the baby bishop, Mark Bartosic, who, it must be told, was in the same seminary class at Mundelein with the criminal sexual predator, now laicized-priest, Daniel McCormack.

    It MUST be told that all three of the newly minted auxiliary bishops for the Chicago archdiocese, Bartosic, Ron Hicks and Robert Casey. They knew about McCormack’s homosexualism. Every seminarian knew. Yet they said nothing then, and they are saying nothing now. “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.”


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