Does a Rainbow Flag Belong in a Catholic Church?

Rather than a flag for Courage, if there were one:

Surely by now, most everyone has heard of Courage International, a Roman Catholic Apostolate for people who experience same-sex attraction and who strive to uphold the virtue of chastity.

Surely by now, most everyone ought to know that those who have come home to the Church despite having same-sex attractions actually live the truth that the Church is not a place of hate or condemnation.

Surely by now, people have come to recognize that the Church loves all people, regardless of the journey they have taken thus far.

Not surely at all. How would most people know about this organization? Even when the late Chicago Cardinal Francis George invited or allowed Courage to meet at Mundelein seminary, except from me, there was almost no publicity about it.

It’s a touchy subject.

via Crisis Magazine

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