Archbishop Chaput cuts to the chase in re: LGBTQ usage

He’s the non-red-hatted Philly archbishop, the first of its kind since 1918, with a flair for focus.

VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Archbishop Charles J. Chaput of Philadelphia told members of the Synod of Bishops their task was to help young people understand Catholic teaching on sexuality and to avoid using terms like “LGBTQ” that make it seem as if the church categorizes people that way.

Indeed. Why should the holy Roman Catholic Church buy into slanted, disputatious terms of those who flout its age-old teachings?

More from the non-cardinal archbishop:

The archbishop, a member of the synod’s permanent committee, told the synod that “what the church holds to be true about human sexuality is not a stumbling block. It is the only real path to joy and wholeness.”

And, he said, for the church “there is no such thing as an ‘LGBTQ Catholic’ or a ‘transgender Catholic’ or a ‘heterosexual Catholic,’ as if our sexual appetites defined who we are.”

Because there are not “discrete communities of differing but equal integrity” within the church, he said, “it follows that ‘LGBTQ’ and similar language should not be used in church documents, because using it suggests that these are real, autonomous groups, and the church simply doesn’t categorize people that way.”


via Archbishop urges synod to use care with language on sexuality – Catholic Philly

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