Archbishop Chaput to youth synod: Developed nations stuck in a ‘moral adolescence’

In his homily on the synod’s opening day, Pope Francis spoke of Christ as “eternally young.”

Chaput called this image “not only beautiful but powerful” because Christ is “alive and vigorous, and constantly offering his disciples an abundant new life,” adding, “Thank you, Holy Father, for reminding us of that.”

And then, as understood in the image:

Of course, the Jesus who came into the world as an infant did not end his mission as a youth. He matured into an adult man of courage, self-mastery, and mercy guided by justice and truth.

He was a teacher both tender and forceful; understanding and patient – but also very clear about the kind of human choices and actions that would lead to God, and the kind that would not.

Chaput applied that insight to our day:

The wealthy societies of today’s world that style themselves as “developed” – including most notably my own – are in fact underdeveloped in their humanity. They’re frozen in a kind of moral adolescence; an adolescence which they’ve chosen for themselves and now seek to impose upon others. [boldface added]

As for the “instrumentum,” or outline statement of what the synod seeks to accomplish (approved by Francis, of course), it

does a good job of exploring the roots of that underdevelopment and the challenges to young people that flow from it.

But it needs to be much stronger and more confident in presenting God’s Word and the person of Jesus Christ as the only path to a full and joyful humanity. And it needs to do this much earlier in the text. [boldface added]

Quibble? I think not.

via Archbishop Chaput to youth synod: Developed nations stuck in a ‘moral adolescence’

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