Like the farmers and the cowboys in Oklahoma, the Senators sometimes get along

And sometimes they don’t, as we hear about a lot these days  . . .

WASHINGTON—The intense partisanship engulfing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has diverted attention from a raft of recent bipartisanship in the Senate during the past few weeks, drowning out issues that could appeal to voters in the midterms.

The chamber on Wednesday passed legislation to reauthorize the Federal Aviation Administration for five years by a 93-6 vote. . . .

Also on Wednesday, the Senate advanced an opioid bill to President Trump’s desk by a vote of 98-1. . . . .

And last week, Mr. Trump signed into law a spending bill that increases military spending for the next fiscal year and keeps the government open through Dec. 7, averting a government shutdown days before funding was set to expire on Oct. 1. The Senate had voted 93-7 to approve that measure.

Sound and fury there is, but also, eek, bipartisanship!

via ‘We Don’t All Hate Each Other’: Senate’s Bipartisanship Obscured by Kavanaugh Fight – WSJ

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