Go fund Chicago pastor whose people burned the gay flag? Nope.

The long arm of gay activism reaches into a very popular website.

In which Fr. Paul Kalchik came up a winner, with $16,000 raised, or was raised but now isn’t.

Go there, and you don’t find Fr. Kalchik.

And the money raised so far goes back to the donors, according to the Go Fund sponsor, or will be going there.

On Sept. 6, GoFundMe contacted Church Militant claiming that our “GoFundMe account has been removed due to a violation of our Terms & Conditions.” It went on to say it would refund all donations within 3–7 business days. Access to the site was immediately removed.

Although most donations have been refunded, multiple donors have complained they have not received their refund. Church Militant has contacted GoFundMe requesting an explanation why all donations have not been returned, but has received no response as of press time.

Not to worry, however. The Church Militant set up another appeal, at Funding Morality, where donations reached lotsa bucks from lotsa contributors:





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  • Margaret  On 10/10/2018 at 9:02 AM

    I just sent my donation and forwarded your e-mail to my “Catholic” list. Thanks for the info on that good site.


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