Rauner blames Chicago crime on “massive number of illegal immigrants” who take away jobs

Capitol Fax has this revealing exchange, Rauner, Pritzker, Dem spokesmen. Good, clear argument by Rauner, Nonsense from Pritzker.

For instance, Rauner:

Reporter: Governor can we clarify what you said about illegal immigrants? It sounded like you were saying that illegal immigrants are the cause of crime in Chicago. What proof do you have of that and why would you say that?

Proof? This reporter a lawyer? A professor? “Why would you say that?” by itself would do the trick.

Rauner: Unemployment, unemployment and low wages are part of contributing to crime in Chicago. There’s a lack of economic opportunity. How does illegal immigration relate to that? Illegal immigration, large scale illegal immigration, holds down wages and takes jobs that would otherwise be available for American citizens, Chicago citizens, takes them for illegal immigrants. That’s the connection. It’s about lack of economic opportunity.

The heavy under construction 40th Ward has crews all over the place, and not just Spanish-speaking. No, it’s either that or Polish-speaking.

And then the old chestnut, plucked straight from the open-borders promoters:

Reporter: How many Chicagoans want the types of jobs that illegal immigrants are doing, though? Whether it’s a landscaping job or something else that’s being paid cash on the side. How many Chicagoans really want those jobs?

Rauner: Chicagoans want to work. You ask someone in Lawndale, Austin, Englewood whether they want to work. They do. They’re looking for jobs. Those jobs in too many cases are being filled by illegal immigrants. That’s wrong. I support legal immigration. Legal immigration is good and America is built by legal immigrants. But illegal immigration, we have immigration laws for a reason, and Mr. Pritzker has been very clear he says there’s no one here illegally. There’s no such thing as an ‘illegal person.’ That’s just not true. And he said specifically that he supports sanctuary cities and making Illinois a sanctuary state. I do not. We have immigration laws. They should be enforced. And the lack of economic opportunity on the South Side and West Side is a major driver of the violence there and we’ve got to fix that.

Reporter writes off unemployed blacks and Hispanics? Rauner does not.

And there’s more more more at Capitol Fax.com.

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